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Complete an hour of work in 5 mins with these 8 powerful AI websites ?:

1. Writesonic β€’ Every time you hit, you'll get a different type of high-converting copy. β€’ Create long-form blogs and articles in 15 seconds with the AI Writer. β€’ Create sales letters, essays, reports, and even ebooks. ?

2. Tribescaler β€’ Get tons of tweet ideas in minutes. β€’ Produce better hooks quickly, saving you hundreds of hours. β€’ Write more swiftly and efficiently. ?

3. CutoutPro β€’ Make your own professional passport photo online in one second with a single click. β€’ Change the background from the video. β€’ Platform for Creative Visual Design Powered by AI. ?

4. Resume Worded β€’ Upload your resume and an AI developed by the experts will provide feedback in 30 seconds. β€’ Assisted with LinkedIn profile improvement to secure five times as many interviews. ?

5. Runway β€’ Everything you need to make content fast. β€’ Magical AI tools, real-time collaboration, precision editing, and more. β€’ Dozens of creative tools to edit and generate content like never before. ?

6. Watermark Remover β€’ Using our powerful AI technology, remove watermarks from photos. β€’ Automatic detection, support for removing watermarks in many colours, and support for removing multiple watermarks. ?

7. Reface AI β€’ With just one selfie, you can change the faces in memes, GIFs, and videos using the Reface app. β€’ Reface will blow your mind as you change your appearance and assume a new identity in well-known TV and film segments. ?

8. Otter AI β€’ Meetings are recorded, notes are taken in real-time, and an automated outline is produced so that everyone can share and remember everything. β€’ Live speakers are captioned, and written transcriptions of the talks are produced. ?

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