Debunking all myths around ApeCoin staking. Why the effects of staking are highly underestimated and how you will benefit most from what is coming soon. A ?

Background: First rewards for ApeCoin staking are coming around December 11th. Prior you will have two weeks to prepare everything and to deploy funds. In my previous thread I shared details about the different pools and allocation per BAYC/MAYC:

Facts: We are 2.5 weeks away from reward emissions Max. staking shortfall of NFT holders: 101,4M $APE Trend: Decreasing slightly

Myth 1: Most $APE is held on exchanges Wrong! Especially after recent events the ApeCoins held on exchanges are minimal. But even if, the buying pressure still is real! This is obvious if you look at the circulating supply. All $APE in the treasury will not be staked

Fact: Max staking demand for all NFTs is 139M $APE! That would leave only 29M APE in the ApeCoin staking pool and guarantee above 100% APR's for ApeCoin-only staking In the long run there we will reach an equilibrium across all pools, so the highest rewards are made early

Myth 2: The staking emmissions are inflating the supply an people will dump them so the price will go down Facts: Minimum average APR across all pools 59% At the end of the year it is still at 25% So it is much more profitable to re-stake your rewards instead of dumping them

We let our coins earn more coins to generate compounded yield Quick example: If you start with 1,000 $APE and we assume an APR of 100%, with a daily compounding you have 2,700 $APE after one year Which suddenly is an APR of 170%. A very good argument not to sell your coins

Myth 3: The token needs utility first Wrong! Staking is the utility. Plus an open-source contract where everyone can build on top of: Games, DeFi protocols, etc. Sure, any @yugalabs announcement can ignite $APE, but I am even more bullish on community developments

Myth 4: $APE staking has no influence on the NFTs Wrong! The APR's that are being realized are too attractive not to take part in. And they are guaranteed. So everyone will chase highest yields, which currently exist for BAYC/MAYC holders

So: NFT holders have to buy $APE and non holders have to buy the NFTs. IMPORTANT: The staked ApeCoins can't be sold and are gone from the market! With no incentive to sell, the buying pressure, $APE price and NFT prices will increase.

Whats the best strategy? Stake your $APE and utilize compound effects. Be early and be prepared. Do not sleep on it, as especially in the first days, the APR's will be astronomically high Seize the opportunity: $APE is on discount , and the NFT prizes are also inviting.

Myth 5: The SEC... For me a standard procedure that had to come sooner or later. Yuga buying 10KTF and WENEW Labs during an SEC investigation makes me bullish. And btw, the issuer of $APE, the APE Foundation is an independent legal entity based out of the Cayman Islands.

Ok got it, now what's in it for me? With $APE at 3$ you can earn: 120$ per BAYC 20$ per MAYC 7$ per BAKC pair This is per day, on average for the first full year, max staking the NFTs and compounding the rewards. Still conservatively, not considering rising $APE prices

Disclaimer: This thread is based on my own research and thoughts. It is no financial advice and I strongly encourage you to do your own research. I own $APE and some of the mentioned NFTs. Thanks to @ponzidope, @liamherbst_ and @k2rbpz for the great data! Happy for feedback.

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