Agba John Doe

Agba John Doe



If these new generation married couples are wiser and know it all, than the older generation marriages, why do we have more new generation divorces than we have for the older generation? It's not because the older generation married couples are more "Moralistic" than the newer

generation but they understand that marriage is not child's play. Many of these new generation couples look forward to their wedding ceremony than they look forward to their marriage. For them, it's all about having the tag but not willing to make the sacrifices required to

keep the tag. Divorce is not new, even in Africa. What is new is the alarming rate of divorce in Africa in this newer generation. I've told you all, if you practice just 50% of what you learn here, your chances of getting married and staying married is higher. You know why?

What you learn here is what your parents are practicing but unfortunately, they may not have all the time to teach you. If any of you are in any doubt of whatever I say, please show it to any of your parents and see what they'll tell you. I want to believe we have significant

percentage of unmarried people in this community. So, many of you cannot relate in all honesty. You don't have the experience. You don't even know how to sustain a relationship. You still do not want to learn or take corrections. Even if my own marriage crashes, my teachings

will still not change. Because even somethings I say, I fall short of them in reality. But that doesn't make it a lie. You don't hide the truth just because the truth affects you. You're better off staying unmarried, than getting married & divorcing just few years into it.

Especially if your union brought forth innocent children. Ask divorced people, there is no joy in it. The experience is not palatable & they won't even wish it for their enemy. You'll be totally broken and filled with regrets, no matter how you may wish to conceal it.

That's why God hates it. Know each other's red lines. For men, the number one reason they'll ask for a divorce is cheating. For women, the number one reason they'll ask for a divorce is constant domestic violence or if they feel they're now bigger than the man. Never fight

what nature has made. Never go into any marriage or relationship with the mentality of "it does not have any manual". They do. Just as you have a rule book in your places of work, marriage & relationship have their own rule books. I know women are stubborn. And I sometimes

get irritated by their behavior. But I cannot effectively pass my messages to you, if I leave them out. What I'll do, if I decide to do that, is to breed toxic men & not masculine men. There must be a balance because men and women need each other. So it's unwise & insidious

to leave women out, regardless of their nature. They're like adult babies. Largely unaccountable & hate to be exposed. And they will be like this, even in marriage. But the presence of men in their lives helps in taming them a great deal. That's why I said single women

are like loose cannons. Self destructive & sometimes, directionless. Until they settle down. That's their nature. And that's why you'll hear some women say they can't marry a man they don't respect. They need someone that can tame them, not someone that'll enable them. End.

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