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#sakuatsu | single dad kiyoomi x babysitter atsumu | nsfw “He’s fast asleep now, don’t ya worry” “Thank you so much Atsumu, I appreciate this a lot” Kiyoomi had just come home from another stressful day at work.

He’s just glad he has such a caring babysitter for his son. “Are ya alright?” Atsumu looks somewhat worried, not sure what else to say. “Oh, just lost in thought I guess…” “I’m guessing it was another tough day”

Kiyoomi just nods, removing his shoes before collapsing down on the couch. Atsumu decided to join him, offering words of comfort and reassurance. “I’m sure it will be okay soon…” Atsumu pulled Kiyoomi into a tight embrace, completely catching him off guard.

This only made Kiyoomi blush, quickly pushing Atsumu away and hiding. “H-hey what was that for” “N-nothing… just don’t do stuff like that outta nowhere” “It was just a hug- wait are ya…” Atsumu’s eyes widen, gazing down at where Kiyoomi is trying his best to cover.

“It’s not what you think it’s just-” Kiyoomi panics, trying to get Atsumu to look away. “Yer hard aren’t ya Omi” He used the nickname. Atsumu used it on purpose knowing how flustered it makes him. “I- It’s-” He couldn’t even get his words out, no matter how hard he tried.

“Do ya want me to help make ya feel better Omi” Atsumu stared at him, a devious grin on his face. He doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want anything like that, why would he even- “Please… tsumu-” Kiyoomi pauses after saying that, what is he even saying. “Wait no I didn’t mean-”

“No Omi, I know you want this, you’re just holding back” He’s right, he does want this. “I won’t go the full way, just let me help ya cum… please Omi” Atsumu is almost begging, he knows what’s right for Kiyoomi. He’s just too afraid to say it himself.

Kiyoomi pauses for a moment before nodding, allowing Atsumu to do what he wants. “Just lay there and let me do all the work okay” Atsumu purrs, pressing soft kisses down Kiyoomi’s neck whilst his hands travel below the belt.

He just starts with gentle strokes, getting Kiyoomi used to it to make sure he’s feeling good and not in any pain. “Hnnn Tsumu….” “Shhh… just let me know if I’m doing anything wrong okay” Atsumu reassures, making sure he’s comfortable.

Kiyoomi just whimpers, feeling Atsumu’s fingers rubbing across the slit of his cock, teasing him. Atsumu speeds up his strokes after a little while, using his free hand to toy with one of Kiyoomi’s nipples, his lips licking around on the other one. “Tsumu- Oh god Tsumu-”

“Hmm, what is it?” Through the bliss of everything, he can’t hold back any longer, saying what he’s been wanting to say for weeks. “Kiss me, please kiss me Atsumu” Atsumu is surprised at first but brings their lips together in a soft kiss.

It feels so perfect like no kiss has ever felt before. Kiyoomi doesn’t want to pull away, wanting to stay kissing him forever. As they pull apart Kiyoomi feels himself cum, bucking his hips one last time before spilling all over Atsumu’s hand.

“Did ya just- cum from me kissing you” Atsumu is in shock, unable to believe what just happened. Kiyoomi is completely embarrassed, hiding his face in shame. “Ya really are cute Kiyoomi, I could see myself falling for ya”

Kiyoomi just blushes even more, unable to say anything in response but he’s sure his actions speak louder than words. He never planned to fall in love with the babysitter, but maybe now that wasn’t such a bad thing. //fin #sakuatsu #haikyuuthreads #haikyuunsfw

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