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Fortunate to watch one more F2F video with Mr.Ghanshyam Yadav (known as Ghanshyam tech). As per my reports, he is one of India's Biggest Options Buyers (Barring Algo & Institutions)! #10 Interesting Points from the video. Thread ?? (1/N)

#1 Earning Crores Everyday Many believe/argue that he earns crores of rupees daily or most of the trading days. But he disclosed in the interview that he earned more than 1 Crore only a few times in the last year. (2/N)

#2 Retail Traders & Losses According to him, retail traders are not afraid of losses, but they are afraid of profits (as they close their winning traders early). The day you can book your losses early with a big smile, the market starts to give you money! (3/N)

#3 Bank Accounts He suggests using 2 banking accounts: 1) Linked to Demat account (Don't keep more money in it) 2) Savings account (keep all your savings in this account) This prevents 'Revenge Trading' on any trading day! (4/N)

#4 Online Banking He doesn't suggest using a 'net banking' facility for the main savings account as it prevents the transfer of money in the live market (due to revenge trading). It also protects your money from hacking. (5/N)

#5 Capital Allocation He prefers to deploy only 20% of the capital per trade. This allocation can only go up to 40% in case of a wonderful momentum trade opportunity. (6/N)

#6 Number of Trades/Day He prefers to take only 2-3 trades per day. At any point in time, this count will not increase above 3. (7/N)

#7 Trading Style He looks at the momentum in the "daily" charts and then looks at the price action in 5 min chart to take his trades. Example: 23/Sep2022 Momentum is bearish on daily charts + on 23rd, first 5 min, price broke the range. (8/N)

#8 Trading Instrument He loves to buy naked ATM weekly options. According to him, big money can only made by trading ATMs. He holds the trade until it shows the reversal in the 5 min chart (break of candle high in the above case) (9/N)

#9 Further Trades If he makes a profit in the first trade, then he will risk only 10% of the profit on the next trade. If it hits stop-loss, he will close the terminal. He observes HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank & Axis bank carefully (the engine of Baknifty according to him) (10/N)

#10 - Discipline and Breaks He takes a 1-2 days break from trading in a month. But he prefers to watch the charts on that days and doesn't take trades during the break. It helps him to develop emotional discipline. Now he is taking a 3-months break from trading. (11/N)

Special thanks to Mr.Vivek ji and Mr.Ghanshyam ji for this knowledge packed video. One can watch the video here

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