memory + revision + manifestation ? (a thread)

sometimes when we think of the past (a memory), we get what happened wrong. whether this happens bc it happened a long time ago, or you're forgetful, etc

looking back at the past is like "mental time travel." you are going back & looking at "past you"

now how does this relate to manifestation? well, with manifestation, we can revise things that happened in the past

when you think of things that happened in the past that you forgot about, we sometimes get what actually happened wrong & therefore, the story changes

bc the story changes, if that new story is the only story that you know of, then you are unknowingly changing the past

we have all unknowingly changed the past before (whether big or small changes)

what is revision & how does it change the past? revision is basically rewriting something in the past to change it to a more desirable outcome

when you revise, you are changing your memory & everyone else's memory, & the 3d

if you change a memory to be in your favor, then the 3d will have no choice to but change to prove that what you revised is true

time is an illusion, so you can revise anything. you can revise your entire life if you wanted

the key with revision, is to persist. repeat the new story of what happened to yourself until the new story is the only story you think of & BOOM congrats, you changed the past

ex: your sp broke up with you on your anniversary. you could revise & say that they confessed their love for you & gave you a promise ring

you would repeat the new story until its the only one you think of & the 3d will catch up & your sp will confess their love for you & give you a promise ring

all you have to do is persist. nothing in this world is out of reach unless you think it is

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