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#sunaosa What about Suna who "Quick kiss me(s)!" himself into a relationship with Osamu. The first time was legitimate. Suna saw a classmate who had a crush on him, so obvious it could be seen from space, and was annoying about it so he hissed, "quick, kiss me!"

To the neatest person. That person was Osamu, and bless his sweet trusting little heart, he did it without question. It was supposed to be a means to an end--a successful one at that because the girl never bothered him again, but he got addicted.

Of course, he couldn't just confess. No, no that would be too easy. Instead, he just uses the excuse for as long as he can get away with it. "Samu quick! Kiss me." Osamu indulges him and for the second time their wetted lips slot together. When they separate,

Osamu looks around, confused. Not to worry, Suna has a ready excuse, "sorry, thought I saw my ex" and there's a group of teens nearby so it's believable. Osamu takes him at his word and they go about their day.

Then, there was the 'I got dared to kiss someone' excuse. The 'someone bet me a sports drink that I wouldn't kiss a boy', the 'I didn't want the teacher to know I was ditching' (because kissing wouldn't draw /more/ attention, oc not) and ol reliable.

Yep, Suna had thought he'd "seen" his ex 6 times now. Conveniently it was never them. Go figure. Every time, Osamu kisses him without question. AND the kisses start to last longer too. Once, they'd even tried adding tounge and Suna had almost fainted.

Still, you can only fool a beautiful but frankly smart boy for so long. For their 13th kiss, Osamu backed him up against a wall (hot!) And the tounge was back (score!) And then something new Osamu pressed a kiss under his ear, lingering.

"Ya know what Rin? Yer ex gotta be real plain if ya keep mistakin' them for other people." /his voice. Fucking christ his voice/ it was so low, and sexy. Was he dreaming? "Next time ya want a kiss. Ya can just ask fer one." Osamu teased, and nipped Suna’s ear.

/nowaynowaynoway/ but if this was happening, then Suna was going to take full advantage. "How about I just kiss you first?" He countered and then dove in for the lips he knew so well. Maybe it wasn't subtle (like, at all) but he'd bagged the hottest boy in school, so whatever

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