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Ok its time. Modern day Dirlewanger Brigade: During the Donbass conflict there was a group that gained infamy. Warcrimes including pillaging,torture,ransoming,extortion,rape,drug trafficking,eventually taken to trial. They were in prison up until now.Thread on Tornado Battalion?️

Tornado Battalion was another volunteer militia group formed out of the ranks of Ultras in the wake of Euromaiden in 2014 just like Azov Battalion, however, these guys make Azov look like model soldiers. Their membership began with more criminal elements than most other groups...

They quickly gained a reputation for extreme criminal behavior. Their membership included organized crime that existed prior to Euromaiden and so continuity existed as they operated in Donbass. Everything from drug trafficking, ransoming, pillaging and most notably rape...

Because they were actually an effective unit for a short time they became part of the Ukrainian MVS special units group operating under special forces command. This didnt last long however, due to their rampant criminal behavior.. In 2015 several members were sent to prison

Danil Lyashuk aka Mujahid. This guy deserves his own section. Belarusian born, Muslim convert, and ISIS sympathizer. He was called "the most bloodthirsty fighter in the ??army" by ?? intelligence. In 2015, he was arrested for multiple war crimes and sentenced to 10 years...

Accusations of rape were levied against the group including the rape of babies, and they started to become a black sheep among the volunteer groups due to their extreme criminal behavior. The ?? gvt had enough and so the rest of the group were tried and imprisoned in 2017...

In March 2022 the ?? gvt quietly released every member of Tornado battalion from prison that wanted to fight and reformed Tornado Battalion with Mujahid as their new acting commander. They are currently operating somewhere in Ukraine fighting

Some pictures of them since they have been released. Mujahid bottom right with a Javelin in front of a destroyed Russian tank

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