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Jose Rosado ⚡️



Wanna launch a cohort, live training, or live workshop . . . And make $1,000 to $10,000 in the process? Even if you have zero tech skills. Here’s how in 5 steps:

To begin . . . Here's the launch process: • Price your workshop at $100. • Launch it • Promise to close enrollment • Promote for 2 weeks+ • Close enrollment Have fun making money! But how can you set this up? Let me show you the 5 steps

Step 1: Get the software Create accounts in these software: 🤑Gumroad: to sell the workshop 🖥Zoom: to host the live webinar 👨‍💻Luma: to automate the webinar follow-ups You'll only have to pay for Zoom because they limit the time to 45 minutes But the other software are free

Step 2: Create Gumroad product. Write the sales copy of the webinar. Your copy must clarify the following: - Date and time - Resources and bonuses - What you'll cover - Who is for - Benefits

Step 3: Set up a Luma event Luma is a free app to set up live webinars quickly Luma will let people register for your event Luma sends reminders Luma asks for feedback after the workshop is over Without step up. They do it automatically And it's free! What's next?

To create a Luma event . . . Here’s what to do: 1. Go to the events section and click the Create Event button 2. Name the event 3. Upload Event cover 4. Connect with Zoom 5. Set day and time 6. Click the create event button

Finally, add some questions to the Luma registration page. And make them mandatory. This way, you can research what your buyers expect from you. Set it up: 1. Go the 'questions' section 2. Click the 'edit questions' button Then add the questions. (steal mine if you want)

Once you're done, make sure to remove the event from your profile. Here's how: 1. Go to the 'Access' section of your event. 2. Then disable 'List on Your Profile' option. Now it's a private event.

Step 4: Add the Luma event link to your Gumroad product. Do this: Go to the product. Then: 1. Click the Upload button 2. Select the 'link to external page' 3. Add the Luma even link 4. Click 'save' 5. Rename the link to Register to the webinar You're ready to launch!

Step 5: Launch Start promoting like a crazy person. If your constant promotion isn't making someone man, you're not promoting enough: "Spammer!" "Unfollowed" "Stop promoting shit, dude" Just reply with, ? And have fun making money!

The best thing about launching a live training is that you're getting paid to create the product—which you can sell afterwards. So . . . You now have a roadmap to get started. And if you want more little tricks like this, I've got something for you:

On March, @AJA_Cortes and I will be launching our WiFi Money Machine cohort, where we'll show you how to make a full-time living selling digital products. Join this list to get updates and a crazy discount once we launch:

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