Andrew Kiselica, PhD, ABPP

Andrew Kiselica, PhD, ABPP



How to write a personal statement for clinical psychology PhD programs ?

Paragraph 1: I got into psychology bc of this interesting reason. That led to me getting some cool experiences. Now I have the research, clinical, and teaching skills to succeed in your program. I love your program bc it will help me reach my career goal of X.

P2: I have research skills. Here’s how I got them. Here’s what they are. I am excited about the potential to apply them in X lab. Their research on Y is particularly interesting to me, and I’d be able to put Z spin on it.

P3: I have clinical skills. Here’s what they are and how I got them. I am excited to expand them through X opportunities in your program, which are well aligned with my career goals.

P4: I have teaching skills. I got them this way, and here’s what they are. I am excited about the opportunity to TA and would hope to also lead my own course as I progress. Id also love to mentor the amazing undergrads at your university.

P5: in summary, I have the right clinical, research, and teaching experience to contribute positively to your program. Given Z, I am particularly excited about working with X advisor. With their help, I’d get the training I need to reach my career goal. Thank you for reading.

Note: play the game. They want researchers (usually), so tell them your career goal is academia or academic medicine.

Note: It’s a personal statement so add some unique details about yourself. However, it’s more like a businessy cover letter that tells your story than it is a fluffy narrative.

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