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If you're in your 20s and 30s and struggling to fix your life right now It's not too late.. This is your step by step ROADMAP to building a better life in 30-90 days ;

1) Start with your brain chemistry. No amount of goal setting or finding a "mission" will help you when you have fried dopamine receptors. How much drive you have to chase after your dreams depends on how well your brain chemistry is optimised. This is fact.

2) Simplest way to start fixing your chemical imbalance is starting off with your dopamine receptors. When you abuse toxic substances they are usually way higher than baseline. You need to bring them back to normal levels. This will be your first task.

3) Any and all addictions you may have are a function of dopamine and the pull of the substance itself. You usually take them to escape some discomfort. Find out what you are trying to escape and confront it. Quitting your addictions become much easier now.

4) Abstinence. Your problem is not one of lack, your problem is one of abundance. You eat, drink, smoke, jerk off, waste, neglect too much. It's time you change this. Abstain from all that is draining your body. You have bigger ambitions. Leave the toys for the boys.

5) A period of abstinence should give you some amount of drive and a flicker of willpower to do something. Now, write down some goals to accomplish. Make them clear, concise and specific. Print it out and stick it where you can read it every morning. Internalize this list.

6) Dissect your goals into daily chunks and make a schedule. Now, you may have read people claiming they function better without a routine. This is true for them, but they're not scraping the bottom of the barrel. You are. YOU NEED A ROUTINE. Make one and stick to it. Everyday.

7) Write down your heaven and hell. Your heaven is your ideal life a year from now. Hell is what life would look like, if you continued being a reprobate for another year. Now you have something to reach and something to run away from. This will light a fire under your ass ?

// If you need help building and breaking habits, I can help you. I specialize in helping people Transform their lives by building habits, systems and processes. DM me for coaching (Paid $$) //

8) Drill this into your psyche - You will not make miracles on day one. You will hardly see any change. But you will have a start, you will have hope and you will have one foot forward. Your goal is to move one step forward everyday. Progressively load more as you get better.

9) You cannot replace your current pathetic self with something better, UNLESS you know exactly what better is. Sit down and think, who you want to become? What values will you stand for? What are your true beliefs? A man who believes in nothing falls for anything.

10) Physical health is an absolute must. This is where everything begins. Join a gym. Get started on a workout program. Do not half ass this. The ROI here is insane. This alone, when done right will cure 90% of your problems. Build the strength to carry your visions to fruition

11) Focus on raising your testosterone. Lift heavy, eat right, stop jerking off to pixels, play a competitive sport, supplement if you need to. This is your lifeblood. It will carry you to great heights. Create an atmosphere where you nurture it. Low T is a meme for a reason..

12) Sleep is your best friend. Earn your rest. When you do get sleep, make sure it's of the highest quality. Good sleep is essential for healing. It will reduce your cortisol levels. Improves attention and concentration, gives your more energy and also helps your decision making

13) When you workout, eat well, sleep & abstain, you will find your energy levels improve. You can see this happen as quick as a week into your new lifestyle. Now is the time to begin building. If you have no skills, pick one. If you have a skill, start your journey to mastery.

14) Carve this into your brain - life has no purpose. Your existence has no inherent purpose. Whatever meaning you are looking for, you have to create and assign to your life. One of the grandest purpose you can assign to life is a quest for mastery. Rest will fall in place.

15) Whatever skill you choose, be absolutely devoted to it. The most successful men out there are experts at one thing whilst being good at many others. This is what you must emulate. Expert at one skill and good at other skills that support it

16) There is 0 upside to doing this whole thing alone. Transformation is an inclusive process. Do it with someone who believes in the same things as you. There is no way you will fail when you have someone to keep you accountable. You now have someone to watch your back.

17) Learn how to be present. You are always living in the future, fantasizing. Or living in the past reminiscing. This is necessary but not all the time. All you have is this moment, find out the most important thing you can do right now and do it. Speed, intensity and action.

18) Make moves and make them quick. Be decisive. You will fail, but you will fail quickly and bounce back immediately. Do not drag out failure. Learn your lessons, bookmark them for future reference and move on to greener pastures.

19) Find something to do, somebody to love and something to learn and teach. All of them have their own merit and each of them are profoundly important. Do not miss out on what's important chasing what's shiny. ALWAYS be grateful. There's always someone with less.

Do this repeatedly and consistently for a few months. Your life will be significantly better than where you are right now. It's really that simple. Try it and let me know about your progress. I will celebrate with you.

Join my substack, I post two lessons every week. Lessons on every aspect of life transformation based on the foundations of neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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