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These 5 exercises have gotten me and dozens of my clients totally out of all hip pain. They will for you too! =thread=

Hip pain can result from a number of issues. Your hip flexors or adductors could be shortened and weak from sitting too much. Your quads could also be extremely tight and straining your hip. Here are my top 5 exercises for hip pain:

1. Reverse Squats We all have done a regular squat but we rarely train in the opposite direction. These will make your hips (and bonus abs) stronger than they have ever been before! (Stronger = less pain)

2. Copenhagen Planks My hips always clicked, and my groin never seemed to be able to loosen up until I tried these. I did them for about 2 weeks, and my mobility increased dramatically.

3. Ass To Grass Split Squats These are crucial in fighting hip pain as they really lengthen your hip flexor while also making it stronger. (Let me know if you need some regressions/progressions)

4. Weighted Butterflies These really help strengthen and open up the hips! They have helped me and so many people with hip pain.

5. 90/90 with Rear Leg Lift These really help rebuild that mind-body connection and activate muscles that have gone dormant. You many cramp up in the hip, but just breathe through it.

BONUS: Foam Roll and Couch Stretch A lot of my clients have felt immediate pain relief after rolling out and stretching the proper muscles. Give it a go!

If you're dealing with some hip pain, I'd love to work with you to overcome it. I've had great success getting my clients out of pain. DM me "no more pain" to learn more!

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