Ice Queen

Ice Queen



I wanna know why y’all scared to say her name? Mary is not a good person period. The things that have been said, seen and documented over the last few months of the cohort on top of the last couple years prove that.

Anyone that threatens you, gangs up on you or cuts you out of a ‘program’ for giving ‘bad’ feedback on a business is clearly unhinged. It’s not slander baby, it’s an expression of opinion.

She is condescending, passive aggressive and continues to belittle the students of her cohort. People that have paid her thousands of dollars. Name any business owner you know that would rather disappear and hide than to defend their character? BFFR.

She said that she would rather be called a NGER than for y’all to get a job offer without letting her know first. That you had to let her know AND give testimonials in order to receive any further resources from MTBF.. and don’t you dare ask any questions or you’ll be removed.

BE FR. And you HELP people? Anyone that is happy to help would be happy to find out they helped someone in any way regardless of how they received the message.

When people in the cohort expressed their discomfort in her post and the program she pretended to be open to feedback. But when 300 people joined a call to give her perspective she decided to deflect, flaunt her ‘wealth’, run to social media to play the victim of mental illness.

Oh guys!!! I’m on alert category 3. I guess I’m a hurricane. Devasting damages to come. Remember it’s not Slander baby just an expression of opinion! It’ll be up on the Jumbotron for life ??

Before I go further into reading her.. let me just say the labs, the homework, the instructors and the set up is GREAT. Kudos to her for that fr. As someone that’s already in the tech industry and has been for 2+ years AND already in the roles I was learning the material is top.

Is it worth 4-6k? No. You can find all the resources online for free or much less. You won’t have a teacher but if you need one to learn there are many apprenticeships and programs out there I am happy to help and connect people to.

Now let’s go back to her character because if you are going to sue me for slander I thought MTBF and Mary were separate entities? I’m not slandering MTBF bookie. It looks like YOU cannot separate the two..that’s why we here now ?I LOVE twitter but I don’t like El*n Musk. Get it?

Let’s get to who she really is. A very NASTY, Hateful, narcissistic liar of a woman who BRAGS about bringing down people that have patronized her. She made an IG video laughing at how she ruined a girls life over $1,000 and let’s not forget her texting us other students convos.

She uses public humiliation and threats as scare tactics to keep people in line and to keep her name golden. I mean y’all saw how fast she emailed me. She’s watching everything you do and will threaten with her ‘lawyers.’ And that led us to yesterday. Hi Mary ??

Yesterday in Discord Mary begin to be nasty as she always is when posting or responding to students’ very valid questions. I didn’t catch most of it but this is what sent the chat into a TIZZY. NOTE she posted the NGR video on her ig on Sunday at 12:40ish PM.

Y’all think I’m helping the people now?? This girl is a true legend. She stood up for the whole cohort!

And then I get these weird texts in the middle of the day. I’m like GIRL WHATS GOING ON!!! Because deleting an entire discord chat isn’t sus at all. But frauds have to cover up their evidence. Peep the incentive on the testimonials though.

And guess who Nicky is???!! MARY. Of course she won’t be jumping on a call with anyone because it’s her.. and then she messaged cohort 1 from her Nicky profile. And she did not offer any refunds, not even partial. The lies continue.

Nicky y’all!!! (Clearer screenshots)

Also I have been in Tech for two years. I simply wanted to take the course because. My company paid for this and I am here to be a voice for people that feel uncomfortable with who she is and are not able to speak up.

@Girasol_Mary let’s talk about the Lovely Breanna. Rest her soul. She came to you, told you she was having a brain surgery, asked for a week extension on assignment and you told her no. You told her if you gave it to her then you’d have to give it to everyone. You’re sick.

Curtains closed bookie. Go back home.

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