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#miyacestober2022 - Day 19 - Mistakes Atsumu stood frozen. Stone cold. A statue, really. It wasn't like there was another option because if he moved he would have to acknowledge the massive mistake he had just made. Osamu had just looked so pretty. He couldn't help it.>>

When Atsumu had entered the living room all he could see was Osamu huddled on the couch, illuminated by his computer screen in the fading evening light. He had looked like a prince, smiling at whatever he was looking at. And then he had tilted his head and smiled at Atsumu.>>

It had been a boom, KO, perfect hit to Atsumu's heart. He just loved Osamu so much it was instinct, it was /need/ to cross directly to his brother, cup his chin and tilt his head back for a kiss. And it wasn't like Osamu had even resisted. >>

Osamu had murmured, "Hi baby," and just accepted the kiss. Really all of this was Osamu's fault! It was really because of him that Atsumu was frozen, his mouth lingering just above Samu's as Suna's tiny electronic filtered voice asked, "Can you not?">>

And then Osamu just...rolled his eyes and shoved him away? Like it was nothing? Like they hadn't just outed themselves in front of SUNA?? "He's needy," Osamu explained and Atsumu squawked on instinct. "Am not!" >>

"It looks like you both are," Suna accused and then clearly laughed at Atsumu's stunned face. "Oh, sorry. Did you guys think you were subtle or something? Pro-tip, don't look at Osamu's dick so much if you want to keep this a secret." >>

Suna grinned, clearly enjoying Atsumu's discomfort. Even Osamu was quietly laughing into his fist and never mind, Atsumu didn't love him at all. He hated him. Both of them. And told them as much. >>

He made a very dignified about face and stormed back out of the living room. "Bye Tsumu!" Suna yelled through the speakers and Atsumu flipped him off even though he couldn't see him off-screen. >>

Osamu was still laughing, but he would see just how funny he thought it was when Atsumu wouldn't let him anywhere near his ass for a month...well a week...well...a day...maybe. He wasn't needy, damnit! //

(and then he absolutely lets Osamu fuck later because really, why torture himself???)

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