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If you are planning to get better with finances, here are 5 Fundamental Finance Habits I always stick to! [ A THREAD ]

Learn how to invest now, instead of making it a stressful last min thing you do when money hits your acc. 1 of my personal money habit is - Investing as soon as I receive the money. As soon as it arrives into your acc say “this is for investments”

Time is precious and money isn't always easy to come by. Always ask yourself how much a product/service cost you not only in terms of $$$ but how many hours of your life you have worked for it. For Ex. The fancy dinner didn’t cost you Rs. 5000 but 10 hours of your working time

Talk about Money. A great way to go about sensitive topics like income is to start a discussion on wealth/profit inequality! Ideally this would lead into a discussion on why salary transparency matters.

Set yourself a budget. A Monthly Budget broken into a Weekly Budget works best! Set a limit on how much you can spend during the week. Then check it off as you spend every day.

I call my mom before making a big purchase. This desi hack helps me save atleast a few lakhs every year! See - Your parents are the biggest financial influencers of your life. Closely followed by Your Man, Finance with Sharan! ?

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