?️?? Rules: -Please watch out for your belongings on the train. -Please do not inappropriately touch someone else while on the train. -Please do not ejaculate while on the train.

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Ajax trembled as his body was pressed into the handsome older man standing before him. His lower lip was caught between his teeth, slightly bleeding with the effort he took to hold in his moans. "I cannot apologize enough. There is no excuse for this situation. It is

no doubt presumptuous of me to ask for forgiveness, young man, but I hope you can find it in your heart to overlook this." Why was this man laying it on thick in a low, urgent whisper to the shuddering college student's ear? Childe shifted with the movements of the crowd,

causing the businessman's briefcase to shift between Ajax's legs. The man's knuckles dug up against Childe's taint, kneading with just enough force to make Ajax whimper with his erection pressed against the man's arm. "I know formal introductions are perhaps unwelcome right now,

but my name is Zhongli." Oh great, Ajax thought, now he knew the name of the man whose very expensive leather briefcase was currently holding the weight of Ajax's ballsack. "If I could know yours as well?" "Ajax. What? Are we gonna stop the train car long enough for you to wine

and dine me first?" "Of course not, do not be ridiculous." The ridiculous one was the old man taking his sarcasm seriously... "I know you have no good reason to-" Zhongli cut off his words as Ajax pushed his head down and forward, muffling his voice into Zhongli's chest. "Oh

dear, did you just-" He didn't need to finish that sentence. Childe could feel his pants dampening in the front as his heavy load soaked into the fabric. So it had been a while?! It wasn't his fault he hadn't jerked off because he hadn't been thinking of the one in a million

situation he found himself in! Not to mention his poor wet, sensitive dick was still caught and rubbing upon Zhongli's arm. Ajax groaned, shifting his hips subconsciously until Zhongli jerked the bag up harshly. His fist hit right where his clenching hole was, and of course the

bag simply bounced. Ajax whimpered as he felt another hot spurt release. But it wasn't the movement that made him cum, but instead Zhongli's soft yet growled warning. "Keep moving your hips like that, Ajax, and everyone will know what you've done to yourself." What had he done?!

Zhongli tilted his head to allow Ajax room to press against his neck. His upset whispers were, admittedly, rather cute and Zhongli was glad the college boy couldn't see his smile. "You did this to me! I didn't want- nmmmmah ah ahh...hah..." "So quick." Zhongli honestly couldn't

believe such a horny young man happened to find himself in this situation. It hadn't been planned, had it? "Shut up. You just... feel too good." Ajax whined, forgetting himself as he pulled Zhongli's arm closer. "You were going to work?" Zhongli nodded, watching Ajax move

against him. "Do you have to? I... I need cover." Ah. Yes, one glance down confirmed the college boy was in a rather sticky situation. Zhongli hummed, sliding his free arm a bit to Ajax's zipper and pulling it down to the young man's horror. "H-hey!" "Shh, I'm just observing."

He fingers the hole under Ajax's underwear was shifted down to allow the built up cum inside to finally be exposed, along with a glimpse of a pink cock with its own mess making it shiny even within the train car. "Hmm, yes. This is quite serious. I do believe you require an

escort." Ajax sighed as Zhongli kept slowly sliding his fingers in the mess of Ajax's pants. The neatly traimed nails lightly scratching along the length of Ajax's erection. "What a naughty display you're showing everyone." "Eh?" Ajax blinked against the urge to roll his eyes

up, looking where Zhongli was pointedly staring. Another older man, though much less handsome than Zhongli, quickly turned away to clear his throat. Ajax instantly moved closer to Zhongli, hiding himself. "Do not fear. I will get you home safe with as little exposure as possible

as well." Ajax looked down, shifting his hips just enough away to see the string of cum connecting Zhongli's sleep with Ajax's crotch. It wasn't a good idea to invite strangers to your home. He knew that. And yet... And yet... "You can come inside to... uh... clean up, if you

want." Ajax glanced pointedly towards their connection but Zhongli only laughed and flicked his fingers faster. "Who am I to deny such a rare proposition? It would be a shame to pass up." Yeesh, what a pervert! It was so cliche and yet... Ajax was so excited...

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