HAUNTREE & TRUNCURSE (Grass/Ghost) HAUNTREE was born from a tree stump used as a chopping block during executions. TRUNCURSE is said to have been a tree under which a knight was buried, its restless soul bringing it to life

ARBOLLAHAN (Grass/Ghost) ARBOLLAHAN came from a tree that grew in a battlefield, possesed by the souls of both riders and steeds, it rides at night and seeing one is an omen of death

Mega ARBOLLAHAN (Grass/Ghost) Mega evolves using Arbollahanite Mega ARBOLLAHAN has lost its armor and weapons yet it has become even more dangerous. Its presence is a curse upon itself, bringing disaster and disease wherever it goes.

Shiny Colors This are an updated version of this old line I updated them because I wanted to give ARBOLLAHAN a Mega evolution

HAUNTREE is based on a tree stump and a chopping block TRUNCURSE is based on possessed armors ARBOLLAHAN is based on the Dullahan from Irish folklore Mega ARBOLLAHAN is based on the Nuckelavee from Scottish folklore

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