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Do this for 100 days and you'll overcome these 7 types of addiction...

1. Phone addiction 90% of people can't end an hour without checking their phone. Overcome this by; • Make your life fun • Turn off notifications • Set timer when using it • Uninstall most used apps (social media) • Sleep with your phone in another room

2. Masturbation Remedy to fapping; • Take cold showers 2x a day • Quit watching porn • Get busy when alone • Do 200 push ups daily • Be outgoing

3. Watching TV Average human spend 1/3 of the day watching TV especially in the evening Save yourself, do this; • Start a side-hustle • Develop writing skill • Set on a walk • Learn new skills

Use your evening to feed your mind Start by reading; • Atomic Habits (by James Clear) • 12 rules for life (by Dr. Jordan Peterson)

4. Comfort addiction Most people die at 25 but buried at 75. Resist getting tempted, do this; • Hire a mentor • Take risks • Have 2+ active hobbies • Seek challenging tasks • Play chess or Rubbik's

5. Gambling Luck is a currency for the weak. Save yourself by doing this; • Work to create luck for yourself • Chase purpose not money • Invest in long term gains • Learn a high income skill • Buy courses to learn

6. Food craving Binge eating is a mental problem. It's a threat to focused work. Eat only when hungry by doing this; • Eat high protein meal • Drink 3 litres of water a day • Avoid sugary food • Get busy

7. Shopping addiction You need just little to survive Resist the urge of buying things you don't need Do this; • Set monthly budget • Create a shopping list • Avoid credit card payments What's your remedy for this?

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