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#PierroChi #Capitaru ? ??/?? Father!Pierro x Demon!Cap x Nun!Childe “On your knees.” “Yes father…” Childe’s voice comes out shaky as he kneels down before Pierro, head hanging low in shame. “Do you know why you’re here again?” Pierro asks, cupping his cheek and tilting

his head up, forcing him to look him in the eyes. “B-Because I…” “Speak up.” “I was seducing the men of the church again- but I promise I didn’t mean t-!!” Pierro struck him across the cheek, pretty tears pooling in Childe’s eyes. “Don’t lie to me, slut. You knew exactly

what you were doing. Going around and batting those pretty lashes at them, giggling at their jokes so carelessly. You know how these men are. It’s only a matter of time until they drag you home and take you for themselves.” Pierro chastises him, smacking him again. “Is that

what you want Childe? To be an in-home whore for them, to have your little cunt abused?” “N-no father…” Childe weeps quietly, keeping his eyes on Pierro’s. “*D-don’t want to be a- a whore*” he cries, the elder man scoffing as he gently rubs his cheek again.

“That’s what I thought.” Pierro hums, gently brushing his fingers through his hair. “You’re mine only after all. You’ve already broken your vows as a nun for me. You shall be nobody else’s” “Y-Yes father..” Childe sniffles, “please… please let me make my mistake up to you..”

“Go on then, show me how sorry you are.” Pierro mumbles, looking down as Childe begins undoing the buttons of his pants before carefully dragging them down, his cheeks turning pink as the elder’s cock bobbed out. He decided it best not to speak, instantly taking the hard length

into his hand and slowly pumping it, a little whine bubbling up in the back of his throat. “Good job, Sister Childe” he whispers, “doing so well for me.” It was rare Pierro would use the term “sister” on him outside of service, but Childe couldn’t help but whine. It all felt so

blasphemous. The way their father fucked him with that cross around his neck, with him in his little nun outfit. “What a show I’ve returned to” a voice said through the air. Childe gasped, drawing back instantly and blushing. “I-Is that God?”

The voice laughed loudly, “God? No dear. But your little friend here does owe me something.” It said, coming out in a shadowy form. Pierro glared at it. “You again. What do you want, Capitano?”

“What I was promised. Though, this little maid may be more than enough.” Capitano spoke, shadowy hands ghosting over the boy’s body, gripping his slim little waist. “Have you ever been fucked by a demon, boy?” “He hasn’t. And he won’t.” “P-Pierro?- what- what’s going on?”

“I’ll speak for him” the demon grumbles, “I did your Father here a favor, now he owes me.” Capitano speaks, “and I think you’re the perfect little prize to get in return…” “You won’t touch him- it’s against a nun’s code.” Capitano laughs, gripping Pierro’s jaw. “Well then

perhaps I should just take you instead? Though it seems your little slut has already been plenty tainted by you.” Childe looks up at the both of them, completely lost, Pierro’s cock still in his hand. “Father Pierro..” Pierro smacks Capitano’s hand and looks down at the sweet

little nun below them. “Yes, sister Childe?” “Wh-What if it’s what *I* want?” He asks shyly. Capitano hums, smiling beneath his mask, amused. “Oh? Do you want both of our cocks so badly dear?” Childe’s heart stirred a weird way at the pet name, looking up into the black mass

behind the demon’s mask. “Yes sir…” “Sister Childe-“ Pierro hisses looking down “Please Father…” Capitano laughs, “he’s even begging, sweet little mortal. Why don’t you let him see what it’s like? I’m sure I won’t even have to put it inside~” he purrs.

Pierro can’t help it when Childe looks up at him like that. “Fine.” Childe’s automatically lifted into the air by two long, black tentacle-like appendages, the things curling around his thighs and arms to hold him up while more spew out to rip his little panties off beneath his

dress. “Keep the dress.” Pierro states, gripping Childe’s jaw. “As you wish” Capitano says, tilting his head as he looks over the boy, spreading his legs apart and almost *growling* at the sight of his tight cunt. “S-Sir..?” Childe squeaks out, squirming.

“Fuck” Pierro whispers, watching as Capitano’s armor disappeared, a large, black ribbed cock springing out and immediately rubbing against Childe’s pussy. “Is that the name you’ve chosen for me?” Capitano asks, smirking as he moves his hands along Childe’s inner thighs, right

towards his leaking pussy. “If- as long as it’s alright” Childe whispers softly, blinking up at him. “Mmm we’re gonna get along just fine angel.” Capitano mumbles, rubbing his fingers through his folds, his other hand holding his cock to nudge it against Childe’s clit.

“G-gods…” Childe breathes out, head tilting back. Pierro glares and watches as Capitano continues teasing the boy, pushing his fingers into his pussy while he squirms around, the appendages holding Childe up only tightening to keep him in place.

Capitano takes his time working Childe up, slowly fucking him with his fingers all while Childe moans out his name weakly, quietly begging for more, little hands balled up into fists. “Sir- sir please… please just- faster” Childe whines, cheeks all pink as he looks down to see

Pierro now working his own cock at the sight, icy blue eyes settled on him while he pumps himself. “It seems like Father Pierro is enjoying the show, hm sister Childe?” Capitano mumbles into his ear, “maybe we should take this further. I’m not sure you’re prepared enough..”

“Do it- please! Please put it in already sir!” Childe begs, looking back down between his legs. He’s huge, so ridiculously huge, but Childe wants it so bad. Capitano chuckles again, pulling his fingers out, “let’s see how long you’ll last then, little one” he mumbles, pressing

his cock to Childe’s hole. “We didn’t agree on this” Pierro mumbles. “Oh but he begged so nicely father” Capitano says, long black tongue slithering out of his mouth to trail along Childe’s haw hotly. Childe squirms and whines again and in that instant, Capitano pushes his

whole entire length into him. Pierro’s eyes widen and he reaches out instantly as Childe cries out, “let his arms go.” He orders. “Getting protective hm? How unlike you father” Capitano snorts, letting the tentacles unravel from Childe’s arms and circle around his waist.

Pierro stays silent, taking Childe’s hands in his own and kissing over them. “My dearest, are you alright?” Childe blushes, looking up into his Father’s eyes. “Y-yes Father, I feel good, don’t worry” he says shyly, humming in surprise as Pierro’s lips met his own.

Pierro kisses him slowly as Capitano begins to fuck him, both of them taking their time, careful not to hurt the sweet, delicate nun. Childe feels incredibly hot pressed between them, gasping and moaning into Pierro’s mouth as their tongues tangle together and Capitano’s cock

begins to speed up inside him. It’s filthy, he knows it’s disgusting and filthy and that he’s truly a whore in the eyes of god. There’s no way he’s getting into heaven after this, but why would he when heaven could never feel this good? “My good boy” Pierro mumbles,

“Loot at you, taking this demon’s cock so well. Tell me, do you like it?” “Y-yes father!” Childe gasps out, head tilting back. Capitano growls, claws gripping at his thighs, “how about you tell the cock that’s fucking you how much you like it too?” Childe blushes and squirms,

“It feels perfect sir” he moans, “feels so so so good!” “Does it feel better than your Father’s?” Childe whines and buries his face in Pierro’s chest. That’s all the answer Capitano needs. “How about it then Pierro, why don’t you join us properly, maybe then he won’t be

completely ruined for you once I’m done?” The demon smirks. Pierro grips Childe’s hair, pulling his head back. “Oh don’t worry, I’ll make sure to remind him who he belongs to” he mumbles, lining his cock up next to Capitano’s and pushing it in right in time with the other man’s.

Childe can’t help but cry out again, thighs shaking. “T-Too much! Too much s-sir, Father!” “You’ll take it anyways” Pierro growls, all that gentleness from earlier long lost as he and Capitano both begin pounding into the boy ruthlessly.

Childe can’t do anything now but moan and beg for them to stop with slurred words, the both of them competing over fucking him until he’s tipped over the edge from all of the stimulation, sobbing out. His tightening cock sends the both of them into their orgasms as well.

Pierro presses down on his stomach as he cums inside, growling quietly and biting onto his shoulder. Capitano sounds almost animalistic, thrusts not even faltering as he fucks load after load of demonic cum into the boy’s little pussy. Childe learns just how much demon’s can

cum right then, his belly rounded out and full with the amount of it, and Pierro can’t help but chuckle as he pulls out. Childe’s knocked out, fast asleep below them with his stomach bloated from their cum. “Maybe I should do favors for you more often” Capitano grumbles as he

slips his softening cock out of the boy. Pierro glares at him, “get the fuck out, my debt’s been repaid already.” “Sure” Capitano sighs, “I’ll be back to visit your little nun though, she’ll be needing it” he smirks and then with a click of his fingers, the demon is gone.

Pierro looks down and sighs as he picks Childe up into his arms bridal style, carrying him back to his quarters. He’d bathe the dear nun in the morning.

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