Agba John Doe

Agba John Doe



Till forever, women will continue to manipulate their children against their father. Either consciously or unconsciously. It's something no man will escape. As a man and as a husband, you're to lead your wife & home. You're to show discipline & you expect your wife to instill

it on the children. When things don't go right, you'll show your anger and it will mostly be your wife that will bear the brunt of it. Since she's a woman, she will show emotions or get angry because you scolded her. The children will be watching. And as their father, they'll

feel you're the one that did wrong. You can't tell them what your wife did wrong because that will mean you're exposing their mother's flaws to your children. Your wife can't tell them what she did because the children will be disappointed in her. If the man offends the wife,

she mostly will not raise her voice on him. Rather, she will be moody. The children will still observe her mood and of course, blame daddy. Every bad times in the home shows more on the wife. The children are naturally closer to their mother. And they're likely to believe

their mother and see their father as wicked. This is the unconscious aspect of it. The conscious one is when a mother starts to say things to the children so as to gain favour and cause the children to hate their father. Capitalizing on the innocence of the children &

Demonizing her husband. A wise wife that knows that her husband is innocent, will always find ways to dissabuse such impending thoughts from the children. If your children come to you to ask "why is daddy angry?" "why are you crying?" You are to teach them and tell them

that daddy wants the best for you and them. Not emotionally manipulate them and make yourself look like a "Saint" in the presence of your children. Lots of men have suffered from loneliness in their old ages because of the misdemeanors of their wives. Lots of men have suffered

rejection from in laws due to how their wives painted them. A wife shapes the image of her husband both in the public and in the home. Whatever she portrays him to be is what they'll see him as. It takes the grace of God for children to finally realize that their father

wasn't a demon after all. And I hope that by then, it will not be too late. These discussions are very important to have as a couple. It's why you're to lead your wife as a man. Some women don't know the consequences of these things & you must let them know & use examples

to teach them. If your husband offends you, it's between you and your husband. If you offend your husband, it's between you and your husband. Keep children out of it and let them grow to show equal love to you and your husband. If you know that you committed something against

your husband that he is finding it hard to forgive, the best you can do is to serve your punishment if you don't wish to leave the marriage or he doesn't wish to divorce you. It's rare for a man to expose his wife, no matter the offense she committed. But he will resent her &

still love her. When a man starts to maltreat you frequently, he's asking you to leave. Some men will tell you to leave because they may do something they'll regret. All in all, these issues still remain between you and your husband. And it should remain so forever.

Your sons will get married. And they'll see exactly what their father saw in you, in their wives. And then they'll begin to understand. Your daughters will get married. And their husbands will treat them like your husband treated you. The cycle will continue and everyone will

reflect on their experiences growing up with you & your husband as children. Men take the bullets most of the time. But a man loves his family no matter his "sins". Make a good image of him, so that he will not regret ever marrying you or having children with you. End.

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