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em @ tired



msby finds out about sakuatsu when they’re out at a team dinner one night, in the middle of betting on whose s.o. will reply first when texted “i love you” out of the blue (akaashi being the most popular choice). the table is already in uproar from atsumu picking up his phone

with a smirk to join in (“TSUM-TSUM???” “wait, atsumu-san?!” “the fuck!! since when were you taken!!!”) and then betting on himself (“the AUDACITY…” “he’s bluffing guys. he’s got to be bluffing”), but they all freshly collapse into shambles when atsumu smugly puts down his phone

and SAKUSA KIYOOMI, of all people, currently taking unbothered sips of water in the seat across from atsumu, doesn’t wait even half a second to calmly say over the rim of his glass: “i love you too, sweetheart. but that doesn’t excuse you from transferring me half the winnings.”

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