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EXCLUSIVE | Yesterday, we reported that @amitmalviya has 'XCheck' status, giving him the ability to take down Insta posts. Meta's @andymstone replied saying our documentation was fabricated. So why did he send an email asking how it was leaked? ?

@amitmalviya @andymstone The claim, also made by a Meta spokesperson on email, called The Wire’s news report on BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malviya enjoying censor privileges “inaccurate and misleading” and said that the “underlying documentation appears to be fabricated”.

@amitmalviya @andymstone Stone’s public comments, though, are starkly in contrast to an internal email he sent to a group of Meta employees, asking “how the hell” the same document had been “leaked”. This email was shared with The Wire by a source at Meta. ?

@amitmalviya @andymstone Stone sent it out at 10:34 EST, i.e. 20:04 IST, on October 10. The link Stone gave for the document is to the PDF of the Insta post-incident report The Wire had uploaded – the very document that Stone and Meta claims “appears to have been fabricated”.

@amitmalviya @andymstone In his internal email, @andymstone demanded an “activity report for the document for last one month” – presumably in order to identify the source of the leak – and also asked why the reporter on the story was not on Meta’s “watchlist”.

@amitmalviya @andymstone Rajiv Aggarwal, a former IAS officer who is now head of public policy for Meta in India, wrote back to him at 1045 EST/2015 IST saying he had “assigned a comms member from India to talk to the journalist”.

@amitmalviya @andymstone Stone’s tweets say that the posts were “surfaced for review by automated systems, not humans”. However, the notifications received by @cringearchivist – the Insta account which uploaded the post – show that the post on Adityanath was “reviewed” twice.

@amitmalviya @andymstone @cringearchivist In a further corroboration of the document’s authenticity, the dates on the review notifications received by @cringearchivist also match with the dates generated by the millisecond timestamps mentioned in the internal Insta report published by The Wire.

@amitmalviya @andymstone @cringearchivist Read the rest of our report for behind-the-scenes insight on both the XCheck process and @andymstone, described by a former employee as a 'pathological liar'. | @jahnavi_sen reports.

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