Ayla// ia

Ayla// ia



nsfw imagine atsumu's knees digging on the bed, him facing the headboard, ass out, back arched the wrong way and arms against the wall to brace himself for kiyoomi's thrusts. Kiyoomi just smiles. His virgin boyfriend is tryna act brave for their first night. Cute.

As time goes by, and kiyoomi's thrusts get increasingly rough, atsumu's position changes. First his back arches the right way, then his arms fall from the wall to the bed. His arms lose strength eventually and his torso is completely plastered to the mattress, ass still high up.

Held in his place by kiyoomi's digging claws, sure to leave a mark. Atsumu looked completely fucked out in the pornstar like position he had assumed by the time they finish. Kiyoomi slapped his ass hard and whispered "you're a natural at this" Then... he felt atsumu clench

ok good night

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