Breaking news: Silvertooth is making his own token? It will be exclusively on the #pulsechain network? It is a free token It is an airdrop, but an invite only? Supply is capped at 555,555,555 tokens I will own 5% or less with a public address that you can follow.?

If you get picked for the airdrop you will get 5,555 tokens. limit 100,000 airdrops All out of my pocket. All on #PulseChain Only! Will launch when Pulsechain launches. Make a new wallet and drop your address below. Drop will be to 55 wallets per week until gone.

Post address below. Drop will be in order of your post. This twitter thread is the only way to get it. Become an early adopter. drop number will be increased weekly until all tokens gone. Don't miss out.

Would be cool of you to use the hashtag $Five when you post all of your wallet address in the post above ?????

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