Lewin | Wealth Pill 💊

Lewin | Wealth Pill 💊



By age 30, you should 100% avoid these...

1. Getting easily distracted Observe and learn but avoid; • People's ideas • Crowd mentality • Opinion from anyone • Social media influence Be picky on; • Who you talk to • What you watch • What you engage with Attention is energy exchange Conserve your energy

2. Instant gratification Do a dopamine detox Take some time away from; • Alcohol • Fast food • Your phone • Video games • Social media This will get you enough time to; • Focus • Do hard tasks • Achieve your goals • Control your impulses

3. Limiting beliefs There's a battle you can always win . You just need to; • Think • Write it • Visualize • Take actions Don't compare, we all have different journeys to make. Track your progress after 100 days and adjust.

4. Toxic people. These people never see the good side of life They mainly; • Complain • Have zero ambitions • Rigid to their beliefs • Always claim for pleasure Have a circle of friends who pushes you to become your better self.

5. Your phone in the morning This kills your day's momentum by; • Raising your cortisol level • Hit you with cheap dopamine This will leave you feeling sluggish for the rest of the day. Do this; Keep your phone off for 2 hours after you wake.

6. Talk less Only talk when you have something to say Compose yourself, people will trust you more. Talking too much shows; • Insecurities • low confidence • Poor social skills • Self unawareness Be different from 98% of people around you.

7. Being attached to anything Fear to let go will never leave you when you hold on to things too much You need to let go; • Personal beliefs • Your past self • Toxic family friends • Unpleasant workplaces Having options will set you free more than anyone would.

8. People pleasing Be ready to lose people who don't help you grow Keep distance from your; • Friends • Parents • Partner If they drag you down Adversities will shape you. Embrace being alone, conquer all your possibilities. Stay strong.

9. Wasting time Be mean with your time Start your day at 4 AM with; • 100 pushups • A Cold shower • 15 mins meditation Then; • 6 hours of deep work • Spend your evening reading • Schedule to sleep 9 PM Occupy your day with meaningful activities.

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