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SunaOsa - NSFW graphic blowjob Suna is too lazy to move. Too unbothered to put any effort into this. Yet he's a natural. Osamu stepped out of the shower second and found him on the bed, naked and scrolling on his phone. He's laying on his back, one leg bent, a hand splayed on

his stomach, hair disheveled and spiked while they slowly dry helped by the occasional gentle blow of the fan as it rotates toward the bed. He's a fucking work of art. Effortlessly. And Suna gets Osamu hard instantly. As hard as Suna is soft. It doesn't deter him. Osamu steps

over to the edge of the bed where Suna's head is almost dangling. "Hey," Suna mutters, eyes glued to the phone screen above his face. "Hey," Osamu answers, a hoarseness in his voice he didn't expect so soon. "Wanna eat somethin'?" That's when Suna lowers his phone on his chest

and looks up at Osamu who's towering him, a single towel hanging low around his hips, a tent slowly forming in it. "We're just back from the izakaya and I know all your lame innuendos... You know could just /ask me/ to suck your dick." Osamu's breath catches. "Would ya?"

In lieu of an answer, Suna grins, wicked and nonchalant, before flashing his tongue. Osamu's thighs bump against the edge of the mattress faster than it takes for his towel to hit the ground. Suna is giggling as he gets even more comfortable, craning his head back. Exposing his

throat... Osamu wants to run his fingers there, down his chest.. Down, down... But not just yet. For now, he eagerly parts his legs to adjust with the height and grips his cock. He fluffs it with a few strokes helped by the sight displayed in front of him and pictures Suna's

dick down his own throat. Not sure he'll get to that. Suna loves giving. He rarely wants to receive. The latter getting him going a lot less than Osamu coming down his throat does. Whether Osamu gets a treat today or not, just his imagination does the trick and by the time Suna

parts his lips, Osamu is rock hard. The tip of his cock catches against Suna's dry lips. Osamu shivers when he runs his tongue along to wet them, the ghost of his breath caressing his sensitive skin. Osamu pulls back, still fisting his cock and angling himself so the head drags

along Suna's nose, forehead... Fuck. Osamu wants to make a mess of his face. "If you keep this up you're gonna cum before I even get my mouth on you. Eager much?" Suna comments and that's when Osamu realizes he's been jerking off... not so lazily either. "Shut up, yer hot."

Osamu looks down at Suna's inviting and now shiny mouth. Yes, he's too hot for Osamu's sanity. Especially when he opens up like that and seems to beg for Osamu to fuck that smug smirk off his face. He indulges them both. The angle and Suna's inexplicable lack of gag reflex

allow him to thrust deep from the get go. Not too deep. Not just yet. But Osamu finds himself going slightly cross-eyed, more than half buried in, Suna's lips closed around his length already while he starts sucking. He needs a second. He needs to find an anchor or he's done.

Osamu stops moving, thighs shaking imperceptibly, and decides to touch instead. First Suna's chest, a large hand seizing his pec, then roaming down until it's resting flat on his stomach. Suna's abs flex under his palm when /he/ decides to move, bobbing his head to swallow more

of Osamu. He's not sure it's really going to ground him, feeling the taut muscles rolling under his hand like this. It might do him in. Who cares. There's a quiet chocked sound between his legs and impossible tightness around his dick that punches a moan out of Osamu's throat.

His other hand flies instantly toward Suna's throat, fingers curling gently there partly because he wants to give Suna time, partly because the angle doesn't allow Osamu to press down like he's dreaming to do. He's not sure if he would feel himself move anyway. The pressure

around his cock too intense for him to dissociate from that pleasure alone entirely. Suna is working relentlessly, despite Osamu's almost stillness, trying to accommodate him more and more, with little room to work once he's taken the most of him. Osamu can feel a warm pool of

spit gathering under, around, over him. Suna doesn't slobber on his dick often, too skilled. But the position invites it, and Osamu is weak. He takes one deep breath before he lets go of everything then he braces himself on his fists, placing them on each side of Suna's chest.

Then he starts rolling his hips. There's restraint in his movement for a hot minute, until Suna circles his thighs with his arms and his nails dig in the flesh just underneath Osamu's ass. A promise he can and want to take more. Osamu starts fucking into his mouth in earnest.

The head of his dick bumping the back of Suna's throat, saliva dribbling around his girth when Suna can't hold it all in. The damp noises aren't so loud but Osamu hears and focuses on each and everyone of them, snapping forward a little rougher every time. Suna takes it like

he was made for it. Osamu knows it's almost too much but Suna only retaliates by abusing the flesh of his thigh or his ass - kneeding, scratching, pricking. The sharp spikes of pain are delicious. Even more so is the drag of Suna's thumb up his taint then along Osamu's rim.

He doesn't dare pressing in, just teasing and toying with Osamu's hole with feather touches and dry skin that makes Osamu want to get messy, wet and ready. He clenches around nothing, gaze falling on Suna's slowly filling cock. He's not really hard but a thin string of precum

connects with his abs and it turns Osamu on more than ever. Fuck. Now he has no idea if he wants to die buried in Suna's throat or sitting on his dick but he's pretty much certain the man will be his downfall. Then suddenly, nothing. For a split second but an agonizing one.

Suna squirms away from him, air seemingly cold hitting Osamu's dick before it's trapped again, this time in Suna's fist so he can jerk him off. Osamu looks, entranced, as Suna presses two fingers at the base of his own throat, before pulling them out coated in spit and precome.

The next second, Suna forces him down his throat again, curling the same fist that was around Osamu a second before around his own dick, and pressing his now slick fingers back at Osamu's entrance. He keens, almost falling over Suna's body when a finger breaches him open.

Suna moans around him, tongue swirling sloppily, making it all impossibly more tight. Squeezing... And Osamu comes undone at the press of a finger brushing his prostate. His body jerks, hips snapping down before a split second of clarity fends the fog around his brain and he

remembers to pull out to avoid suffocating Suna. But he can't even go far. Suna keeps him there, with a fierce grip of Osamu's ass, while he sucks on his cock and fucks his own fist until his hips kick off the mattress and he follows him over the edge. Osamu falls on his knees

almost instantly. The second Suna lets go of him. His vision is dotted black, his chest heaving. Osamu is spent. Suna's bangs tickle where they bumps Osamu's sweaty forehead. He's completely hanging off the mattress now, and Osamu has no idea how his neck can handle that. He'd

be screaming in pain. But Suna never does. He always gets himself into impossible positions and sends Osamu's mind reeling for hours. Even now, he's just breathing hard, only disturbance in how quiet he looks otherwise. Eyes closed, face... Osamu steals a glance... Yep, a mess.

He has no idea what mix of fluids the damp and shiny streaks are made of but Osamu knows there's no way his own face could look like that without him having passed out chocking on a dick. Suna, on the contrary, looks sated, content. The grin on his swollen lips is serene.

Osamu loves him. He loves him so much it's ridiculous. He loves him so much that he wants nothing more but to kiss his face sloppy. So he does. Osamu gets his own nose and lips and chin wet and slippery by he kisses the air out of Suna. He kisses him and caresses his skin. He

nuzzles and bites and nips. Until they find peace. Until he works himself up all over again. Until he gets Suna in the same state. And hopefully... Until Suna wants to destroy and love him all the same. /la fin ?❤️

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