Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)

Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)



cw / just fluff No but imagine being Atsumu and not understanding why things don’t seem to work with anyone else he’s liked so far. He just doesn’t feel that connection he’s supposed to feel. The one he already has with Osamu.

Imagine being him and suddenly seeing Osamu in a new light. Realizing his feelings for him. Feelings that shouldn’t be there by are and he can’t help but to reach across the futon they’re sharing and kiss Osamu, like he used to when they were kids.

Except this kiss is fueled with so much more. And when he pulls away Osamu pulls him right back and kisses him. REALLY kisses him. And Atsumu just knows he’s found everything he ever needed in Samu. His twin. His soulmate.

// I’m soft for them dont look at me

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