I made over $15,000 arbitraging cryptocurrencies in May. I did not have: • 200 IQ • Advanced knowledge • Complicated paid tools Let me break down the basics for you. (Free guide below) ?

1/ Want to learn how to arbitrage cryptocurrencies and need someone to hold your hand? I am your guy. Here’s what we will be going through: 1. Identifying opportunities 2. Calculating spreads 3. Swap and bridging walkthrough 4. Example trades Ready to learn? Let’s go.

2/ Identifying opportunities - Concept We are looking for price mismatch in money markets. This can occur: • Cross chain • Same chain • Centralized exchange VS Decentralized exchange Let’s focus on cross chain arbs.

3/ Identifying opportunities - Cross Chain Use a charting tool like @dexscreener . Search for a token that is trading across multiple chains with different liquidity amounts.

4/ Identifying opportunities - Price Mismatch Look for potential arbs when price mismatch happens. (I picked extreme examples to demonstrate the point) Notice that the price on BSC at this time point is $0.03332. While the price on Polygon is $0.04324.

5/ Calculating spreads So you have identified an opportunity. But is it worth it? Let's calculate the spread. Binance Smart Chain BUY price $0.03332. Polygon SELL price $0.04324. SELL / BUY - 1 = Spread $0.04324 / $0.03332 - 1 = 30% (This spread is extremely rare)

6/ Quick trade walkthrough We have identified: ✅Price mismatch ✅Large spread Trade with 4 steps: 1. BUY on BSC with @FinanceFirebird 2. Bridge BSC to Polygon with @wormholecrypto 3. SELL on Polygon with @FinanceFirebird 4. Bridge USDC back to BSC with @MultichainOrg

6/ Pre-trade checklist Important tips: - Watch how long the price mismatch lasts - Send a test trade to get the process down - See if you can complete the entire transfer at a competitive rate and time - There should be enough volume per day to be worth your time

7/ Example trades Here are some examples of both winning and losing trades:

8/ Bonus material You can identify price mismatch with @coingecko across multiple CEX and DEX. Best to compare the live price by going to the actual CEX and compare to DEX prices on @dexscreener Trade goes like this: Swap on DEX > Deposit > Swap on Cex > Withdraw to DEX

9/ You don’t need 200 IQ to arb profitably, you just need to learn the basics: 1) Identify opportunities 2) Calculate spreads 3) Execute trades Bonus tip: Volume and volatility are your friends. Without these, the spreads and trading opportunities won't be worth your time.

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