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Lots of new AI projects come out every week, and some are better than others. So here's 8 random AI tools that work as advertised: รขย†ย“

1. Rewind AI Makes anything that ever crossed your screen, or said out loud at your computer, searchable. Black Mirror vibes aside, you won't lose anything ever again.

2. Explain Like I'm Five (this may just be a ChatGPT wrapper but UI is a 9/10) An ELI5 machine that turns complex concepts into easy to understand explanations. Choose between various levels of dumbing down - a clean and simple tool. Great for kids.

3. Soundful Create AI generated musical tracks, royalty free. You can blend different styles of music, and edit tempo & key. Very simple user interface, 8/10. Free accounts get 10 downloads a month.

4. MidJourney Prompt Helper There's an art to prompt writing. This tool helps you refine prompts for Midjourney. Add weight to multiple prompt inputs, and provides examples of styles for each input. Prints a prompt for you to drop in Midjourney.

5. PatternedAI Pattern industry is big $$$, and AI will dominate it. Generate royalty-free patterns for products. Free downloads of 10 pattern generations, and premium features such as unlimited image generations and higher resolution patterns.

6. Character AI Talk to pre-programmed characters, from historians to famous people, or create your own. Free to use.

7. Vance AI Image Upscaler Enhance! Increase the resolution of your images up to 8x the original. Not great on human faces, but everything else looks pretty good.

8. Adobe Podcast (beta) Upscales audio quality at an unbelievable level - if this were a standalone company, it would be a huge. Here's a demo:

Every Monday, the AI Breakfast newsletter goes in-depth on the AI news of the week, including interviews with startups, researchers, and latest AI developments. If you've read this far, you'll enjoy it รขย†ย“

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