Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)

Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)



Sometimes I think about Atsumu discovering fan fiction. Specifically, Atsumu realizing there’s fan fiction about him /and/ Osamu, and not in a fraternal, platonic type of way.

It all started when a reporter at an MSBY press conference asked them if they were aware people wrote /novels/ about them. “I’ve heard some rumors about our fans writing about Shouyou here and mr. Kageyama.” Atsumu joked around, making everyone laugh.

The subject was long forgotten as more questions came in, but Atsumu kept thinking about it, curious to know what were people writing about him. When he stumbled upon a search that highlighted his and Osamu’s name.

I can just picture Atsumu being like “what the hell? This shit is disgusting.” While reading through a random fic he stumbled upon, only to have a solid boner 10 minutes into it.

/it’s just some stupid words/ he tells himself as he strokes his cock over his shorts. /it’s weird shit/ he thinks as it gets too much and he has to give himself a solid pumps up and down. “people are sick,” he half groans as he starts to down right touch himself +

Thrusting his hips up in a frantic rhythm as he keeps thinking about what he just read. About Osamu fucking him like that. Hand on his hair and cock deep in his ass. “Fuckin’ sick bitches,” Atsumu moans, balls tensing before he’s coming, making a mess of his fist and sheets.

And if Atsumu ends up liking said fics and reading them to masturbate every night, feeding into his dark fantasies… then no one has to know.

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