WakeUp Call

WakeUp Call



Videshi Companies will pay Bikau People to promote their plan in India. The plan - 1. Legalise Prostitution. 2. Gender Neutral Dress and Toilets in School. 3. Increase Marriage age and decrease Sex consent age. 4. Teach Gay sex and Sex Change to primary class children in School.

5. One Sided laws to finish concept of marriage in india. 6. Make women Protest Naked on street same as European women do. 7. Forcing he/her/they/them identity to create confusions among Indians. 8. Create Fake protest to blackmail Government to change law in favour of videshi.

9. Install One liners in Indians mind via Tv ads to Brainwash them in name of 21st century. 10. Make India Gay majority country. 11. Brainwash Indian Women to Have Babies before marriage. 12. After point 11 Take Away gender right,Name right,religion right from child's father.

13. Normalise Extra marital affairs and shame women and men who oppose by calling them Narrow Minded. 14. Promote Nudity of Men and Women and shame people who oppose nudity by labelling them. 15. More lgbt means more atheism, more atheist means more American puppets in india.

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