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Striper hwx! Rich Jxxng! Angst Hwx was Jxxng's favourite play thing, and it always made him wonder if Jxxng would like to be something else than his client. Everyone knew that the C30 would pay the craziest amount for being with Hwx for just an hour, and it made Hwx dream...

Dream about a future in which he could be free, happy... Loved. But one night, after getting almost naked on stage from his futuristic outfit to just a white skirt and making every other person drool for him and going as always after that with Jxxng to give him his services;

he laid his head on the other's shoulder and told him his concerns. "I think someday I would like to have a family," he muttered softly on the other's shirt. "You know, with a small house with a garden and little kids running around." "Hmmm... why are you telling me this?"

Jxxng looked at him unbothered. Hwx's nervousness spiked thinking that this was the perfect moment to bring his thoughts up. "I want to create a family with you..." Hwx said shyly. The raw laugh that bubbled of Jxxng's throat let him puzzled. "Family? With me?" He kept

laughing until some tears spilled. "What makes you think i want that?" "I-... I thought you would like... you pay a lot for being with... I thought it..." Hwx was embarrassed and with a bitter feeling on his belly. "You're a whore, the best. I just have fun with you /and/

I love to make people crave what I have. No one can pay for your services, being the highest ones, so I have it all, I don't need an excuse of a man that probably just wants luxury to become part of my family." His tone was menacing but still finding the situation funny.

Hwx's eyes were burning with unshed tears. "But don't cry... someday, someone will fulfill your silly and childish dreams... if you are even able to get out of here because you need the money. So get up and suck me, I did not pay for you to cry for nothing."

Hwx nodded trying that his heart didn't hurt even more every time he repeated Jxxng's words in his head.

That night Jxxng went back home with a bitter taste on his lips, knowing that even if S3xnghwx's request was something that he could and /wanted/ fulfill, he couldn't dare to drag Hwx on his messy an dangerous life.

Tw/kidnapping But it only took him one week to regret every single word and decision,because Hwx was nowhere to be found, there where some clues of who had him and what where they doing to him, but it wasn't enough to find him. Only if he took care of him when he could,

he would have his smiley sunshine around him again. But it was too late, because Hwx was dragged into the mess Jxxng always wanted to protect him from and with no protection that could keep him safe...

The mere thought of them hurting him brought rage upon every single part of his body, but he did it first, breaking his heart, and now he had to deal with having lost him and not having been able to tell him that, yes, he wanted Hwx be part of his family. He wanted him to be his.

But it was late, even if everyone knew he wouldn't give up in finding him and saving him. Even if it meant losing everything he had, even if it meant dying so Hwx could live the precious life he deserved.

Hiiii!!! 1st of all, no,this is not the striper/model thingy, but my brain thought of this too and this one is shorter soooooo I just wrote it? I hope u like it!

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