#sakuatsu Tattoo Artist Sakusa x Atsumu (FoxTsumu) It was a late closing night. Sakusa was tossing out the rubbish behind his tattoo parlour, when a shorter male bundled in a hoodie and sweatpants collided into him.  "Watch it!"

Wrapping an inked forearm around the latter to keep him grounded, bright, golden orbs met his, before the male nuzzled into his chest affectionately.  Sakusa went still.

It didn't help, taking in what had popped up in front of his face when the hood the shorter male was wearing, slid down to reveal soft blonde locks of hair, and two ears that looked almost like a fox's. "What the fuck."

Make no mistake, the tattoo artist was rarely this crude, but this encounter was making him really uncomfortable.  Sakusa barely registered something fluffy whipping at his side. A tail…? Was he seeing things? He blinked.

The fox boy remained huddled in his chest, purring in content.  "Hey, could you let go?" Sakusa had long released his grip around the hybrid's waist. Yet the blonde clung to him. His discomfort went unnoticed.

"Who are you?" Sakusa sighed, relenting after every attempt of getting the man off him failed. The hybrid was a lot stronger than he'd thought. "I'm yer fox guardian!" The blonde finally looked up, beaming, eyes sparkling, tail wagging excitedly, "Yer can call me Atsumu!"

Sakusa hummed tiredly. "Well, Atsumu, go back wherever you came from. The parlour's closed. Get a booking or something if you want a tattoo. Also, I don't need any guardian, whatsoever. I'm a grownass man."

The fox guardian looked slightly hurt by that, but a smile quickly returned on his features. It was rather… endearing. Compelling, in some ways, but Sakusa wasn't having it. "Sorry, I can't do that! Yer summoned me."

Sakusa grew increasingly frustrated at that. He had a long night of tattooing multiple customers, and he'd also gotten fresh ink near his ribs in the day. It ached, itched and the skin around felt raw. Sakusa was drained.

He didn't have the patience to deal with a weird man with a penchant for pet play or something.  "Atsumu, listen up, I don't know who the hell you are, but we just met and I'm really-"

"It itches and hurts doesn't it?" Atsumu hummed, staring at him quietly. His bright eyes had dimmed slightly. As did the wagging of his tail come to a sudden halt. Sakusa's lips parted.  "How'd you-"

"That's how yer summoned me, silly," Atsumu smiled good-naturedly, ears flicking, "Do yer want me to ease the pain?" Sakusa raised an eyebrow, hesitating. It sounded sketchy, but he was too tired to comprehend anything else.

"What do you want?" Something glinted in Atsumu's eyes. They had darkened considerably. Sakusa blamed the dim lighting. "A kiss."  The tattoo artist rolled his eyes. "Look-" Atsumu interrupted him, tail wrapping around his wrist. "A kiss, Kiyoomi. That's a promise."

Sakusa sighed. He nodded begrudgingly. A smile spread across the fox guardian's lips. There was nothing kind about it. Only sly.

Lips brushing what had to be the softest ones, Sakusa gasped when the ache of his tattoo, a kitsune, left his body, replaced by pleasure he had never felt before. "You crafty fox-" "Oh, you silly boy, Omi," Atsumu tutted, pupils turning black, "Never trust a fox." //tbc..?

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