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#sakuatsu | nsfw, demon kiyoomi, size queen sorceror atsumu, overstim Being one of the best sorcerors of the world does come with it perks. A tall tower just for himself, the finest ingredients, the best books plus the admiration from the people. But it comes with drawbacks

as well. People respect him too much to come close. Bottom line is, Atsumu's hasn't been fucked by a good dick for far too long. His vast collection of dildos and toys doesn't even cut it out for him anymore, no matter how he enchants it.

Now he's on his bed, robe half off as he fucks himself on his largest dildo. The thing moves by itself, fucking upwards into him, but there's so much an enchantment could do. Frustrated, he picks the dildo up and threw it across his room. He sniffs, feeling empty and horny

as his hole fluttered around nothing. His thighs were slick with precum and lube, and he doesn't want to jerk off again today. No, not today. Atsumu gets up, doesn't bother tying his robe again properly even cleaning up. He rushes to his spellcasting room.

He summoned an old thick book from a dusty shelf. Its leather cover looks worn out, clearly had seen better days. He shouldn't do this. Summoning a demon could bring vast consequences. Not to mention if he fails to control it. But frankly, horny Atsumu doesnt give a flying

fuck. He flips through the pages, stopping on the chapter to summon demons of lust. His head is too full of the thoughts of finally getting something in him he barely paid attention to whom he's summoning. Drawing the summoning circle was easy. When he was done, all he needs

is something from himself to bind him to the demon. His dick is still hard. He only needs to chant a few lines. Atsumu wraps a hand around himself, groaning as he starts jerking himself off. No matter, his delirious brain thinks. He'll just masturbate now and when

the demon arrives, the thing could fuck him stupid. The thought of a big dick impaling him made him whimper. As he feels himself getting close, he chants, calling the demon. The summoning circle glowed a warm yellow, and at one final flick of his wrist, he came right

into the centre. Atsumu shakes, one hand leaning back against a table behind him as he stammers to finish his summoning. The yellow light turns red, and he knew he did it. The centre of the summoning circle opens up and two horns emerged. Slowly, Atsumu watches, eyes hazy

as an eight feet tall demon emerges. It has two horns that curled backwards like a goat, the base of it nestled in curly, black hair. There were two moles atop one eye, and as he opened his mouth, Atsumu sees his cum pooling in them.

The demon swallows, letting out a low growl as he licked his lips with his forked tongue. The thing was massive with cut abs and thick thighs, corded muscles all around. His tail flicked behind him, clawed hands itching for something to grab.

"Oh fuck," Atsumu moans at the sight of the demon's dick, hard and wet, dripping from its head. It's so big and massive, the girth as large as Atsumu's own forearms. Atsumu's mouth waters as he imagines that pistoning in and out of him. He nearly collapses.

"C'mere. Ya hungry, hm? I got a treat fer ya," Atsumu calls him, turning around to bend against the table. He sways his ass enticingly, hole still wet from playing with himself earlier. The demon, as if recognizing who he was and what he wants, grins. There were sharp

canines poking from under his upper lip and the danger of it all had Atsumu hard and dripping again. "That's it, big boy," the blonde's voice was breathy, eyes lidded as he sways his ass again. "Come fuck me." The demon wastes no time and approached him. Atsumu yelps as

big hands grip his waist, the claws almost close enough to break skin. He moans at how big they look on him, the demon's body dwarfing his own so easily. The demon lifts him up, pushes him on the table. A hand squeezes his ass, pulling it apart. "Aah, please oh god," Atsumu

begs. The demon sank to his knees and licks at Atsumu's hole. The man moans, loud and broken. The demon seems to like the sound. Its hands moved to grip either side of Atsumu's thighs to hold them apart before plunging its tongue into the wet hole.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck!" Atsumu's eyes rolled back in their sockets as he felt the thick appendage impaling him. It was just his tongue and yet, its as big as one of his biggest toys. The tongue wiggles in him, the forked ends flicking and lapping at his walls.

The demon found his prostate, and used the rough surface of his tongue to lick and put pressure on it. Atsumu could see stars. He was moaning, writhing against his table as pleasure shot up to him. Yes, yes, this was what he's missing. The demon slurps and sucks and Atsumu

screams as he cums, shooting white onto his floors. The demon kept going, prodding and stretching him out. "St-Stop ah! I just came, so- nggah!" Atsumu could barely even prop himself up, limbs weak and shaky. He couldnt move, rendered powerless as the lustful

demon kept licking into him. Atsumu sobs, the pleasure blinding him as he feels himself get hard again. "Your dick, gimmie your dick," Atsumu says through his desperate tears. He grinds his ass on the demon's face, fucking himself back on the thick tongue. "C'mon big boy.

That's it. Ooh, fuck. Yeah," Atsumu shivers as the demon slides his tongue out, hips jerking as it licks at his rim, the tongue brushing his balls. "Yer gonna fuck me now? Yeah?" He grins. The demon growls, standing back up on his imposing height. Atsumu licks his lips, watches

how the giant dick jerks as he rubs his ass against it. "That's it, oh fuck," Atsumu feels like he's spurts a little bit as the demon grips his waist and lifts it a little bit higher, causing his upper body to press against the table. Atsumu's own leaking dick swings uselessly

in the air. The demon grunts, positioning the head of his dick against Atsumu's hole. And oh go, if he looks big, then he felt bigger. The stretch was delicious as the demon pushes inside slowly. Atsumu felt his thighs shaking as it drags inside him. The demon was only halfway

in before Atsumu cums again, his hole fluttering around the massive cock. The demons groans as Atsumu squeezes him. The blonde was riding a high he never felt before. His tongue lolled out of mouth, mind broken with pleasure.

"Not even in yet," the demon finally speaks, voice low and gravelly. Atsumu whimpers at the sound, hips still jerking in oversensitivity. "Stay still, human." Atsumu's eyes widened as the demon pushes, bottoming out in one thrust. His scream died at his throat.

His hands grappled at the table's wooden surface, not knowing whether he should run away or fuck back against it. The demon growls and made the decision for him. It lets go of his waist and grabs both of Atsumu's hands, using it as a handle to wiggle in so the sorcerer's

ass is snug against his navel. Atsumu nearly passes out at how full he feels. His dick is like a faucet right now, constantly leaking fluids as the demon settles in. "You summoned me to fuck you." The demon says. "Now, you will get your wish."

And it starts thrusting, hips pistoning against Atsumu's. "Aah! Big, so fucking- mmf! Hhhnnngg!" Atsumu was like a ragdoll, moved about at the demon's whims. His mind blanks as he's being pounded. It felt so good, so, so, so good.

The cock fills him up, thrusting in and out at a fast pace that had him crying and moaning at the same time. His nipples drag against his table, the pain adding to the pleasure. The room was filled with the sounds of wet skin hitting against each other and Atsumu's moans.

The demon's full balls slaps against his perineum everytime, and Atsumu couldn't take it anymore. He cums, liquid nearly clear. He sobs but the demon doesn't atop, and Atsumu finds himself moving his hips to meet the demon's thrusts. "Little cockwhore." The demon growls.

"Y-yeah, oh fuck hnnn! Yes, yes," Atsumu couldn't think anymore. Nothing mattered except for the the massive dick inside of him. The demon chuckles, barely out of breath despite his face pace. "Fucking cock slut."

"Fuck, ah, ah, ah!" Atsumu probably didn't hear anything anymore, too drunk on dick as he grins, drool dripping down his chin. The demon sneers, increasing his speed as he feels himself getting closer. "Yes, cum inside, inside." Atsumu babbles, clenching on the dick.

The demon groans, thrusts a few more times before cumming in deep, filling up the sorceror beneath him. Atsumu cums at the sensation of the warm liquid filling him up. He shivers, giggling as he felt the cum settling in his stomach.

The dick was still hard in him. The demon picks him up easily in his massive arms, pressing Atsumu's sweaty back against his chest. The human gasped, shivering at the show of strength. "What it your name?" The demon's voice was hot in his ears. His tongue peeks out to lick, and

Atsumu's eyes rolled back again. "Answer me." The demon jolts Atsumu back to reality with a small thrust. "F-fuck ah!" Atsumu tries to collect his thoughts. "Atsumu. Miya Atsumu." "Miya Atsumu." The demon grins. "I will bury more of my seed in you, master."

The demon chuckles as Atsumu pathetically squirts a little at the promise. "For now, you can call me Kiyoomi. I will service you until you are satisfied." /End

WHEEEWWWWW inspired by @YamaCoochiez BEAUTIFUL art

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