Be Self Mastered

Be Self Mastered



If you're struggling to quit porn or masturbation, read this:

1. You need to really want it You can't approach this half-heartedly. You need to be fully, 100% engaged in the process of quitting.

2. Write down a pros and cons list Seriously. It will quickly become apparent there are zero benefits to lusting over people having sex on a screen. These vices are pure poison to your mind.

3. Write down your why Why do you want to rid yourself of these shackles? It is important you write this down so you can refer to it in times of struggle.

4. Remind yourself Whenever you get an urge to indulge, remind yourself why you want to give it up in the first place. Refer back to what you wrote down at the start. Use logic and reason to overcome your emotions in the moment. A few seconds of pleasure isn't worth it.

5. Take it day by day If you can get to tomorrow without looking at porn or masturbating, today has been a successful day. You're not setting an unrealistic target here, you just need to make it to tomorrow. This makes the task at hand both easy and accomplishing.

6. You only need to persevere for a few weeks You don't need to overcome this huge challenge for the rest of your life. After 3-4 weeks it becomes increasingly effortless to abstain. After this period it will become easy to you.

7. Be productive Lift some weights, read a book, meet up with some friends, cook a meal. Whatever it is - keep your mind and body occupied. You need to transmute your sexual energy for beneficial purposes and keep yourself busy.

8. Make your triggers hidden Install porn blocking software. Delete Instagram and TikTok. These are bombarded with sexual images which trigger an emotional response. Your life will be 10x better without them.

Thank you for reading. I hope this helps at least one person overcome their habit or addiction. To share this to others, please like/RT the first tweet.

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