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If you haven't read these 21 books, you shouldn't be leading anyone. THREAD:

1) Multipliers by @LizWiseman What you'll learn: - How you might be accidentally holding your team back - What you can do (Action items!) to help everyone on your team be at their best

2) Radical Candor by @kimballscott What you'll learn: - How to give feedback that creates change - How to build better relationships in the workplace

3) Thinking in Bets by @AnnieDuke What you'll learn: - How to make better decisions - How to avoid outcome bias

4) Mindset by Carol Dweck What you'll learn: - Why mindset is everything and failure is a critical part of growth - How to encourage others to reach their potential

5) Dare to Lead by @BreneBrown What you'll learn: - Why leadership is not about titles or authority - How vulnerability is a leadership superpower

6) The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo What you'll learn: - How to become a great manager - How to build authentic trust with your reports

7) Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott What you'll learn: - The power of taking life one step at a time

8) Cues by @vvanedwards What you'll learn: - How to use body language that captivates your audience. - What verbal cues make you sound more confident

9) The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by @patricklencioni What you'll learn: - Why team culture starts with Trust - How you can build a team invested in the results of the whole

10) The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive What you'll learn: - How the health of your organization will predict your outcomes - Why all great organizations start by creating great leaders within

11) The 6 Types of Working Genius What you'll learn: - Why great leaders focus on strengths - Why it is valuable for leaders to understand their own Working Genius

12) Raise Your Game by @AlanSteinJr What you'll learn: - Secrets of top performers like Kobe Bryant - Why basic work is what helps the great ones stand out

13) Lead With a Story What you'll learn: - How to tell a story that inspires your team and help influence - How to engage an audience, regardless of the topic

14) Atomic Habits by @JamesClear What you'll learn: - A framework for improving everyday - How small changes compound throughout your life

15) Effective Executive What you'll learn: - How to think and prioritize like a master - The right way to create a massive impact using your team's strengths

16) The Greatest Salesman in the World What you'll learn: - 10 principles you need to follow to be successful at anything in life - The Power of Mindset

17) Emotional Intelligence 2.0 What you'll learn: - Why Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 80% of your success - Tactics you can use to become more aware of your emotions, and the emotions of others

18) Crucial Conversations What you'll learn: - Create powerful dialogue when emotions are high - Be persuasive, not abrasive

19) The Lost Art of Listening What you'll learn: - How to hear what people mean, not what they say - Disagree without being dismissive

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