kiyoomi vs atsumu's ring “This is bad. Fucked up” kiyoomi mumbles as soon as he steps into the gym and sees Atsumu the very first thing aka the sole purpose for him to be here, Jackals instead of Adlers, Osaka instead of Tokyo.

Kiyoomi stares at him who smiles widely for seconds and yep, the same boy who makes him not second-guessed his decision to join this team. Theres really nothing changes about him except- Atsumu has a fiancé. Is what the ring on his necklace told him- mocking his useless efforts.

He didn’t see it coming. Sure atsumu is hot, excellent in everything he does and amazing- but to know he got himself a fiancé when kiyoomi is just starting, he will make the latter cries in agony for decade. “I want to go home to sleep” he tells one day for the team to hear.

Atsumu jogs towards him, worried, brows furrowed together and kiyoomi tries real hard to not look at his necklace and snatch it away. The practice has been real hard on him, especially when atsumu moves and his necklace is the only thing he can see. “can you stop following me?"

Atsumu chuckles and leans against the locker next to kiyoomi’s, folds his forearms and the poor guy almost goes feral at the sight of atsumu’s sweet muscles. “ya know, omi, I’m pro at taking care of pretty guy” Bad. Really, really bad because kiyoomi wants to bring this guy +

home and wishes he didn’t never meet the fiancé along the way. “so let me know if ya need anything!” Oh, atsumu, he really needs something.

Few months passed yet the only time kiyoomi can look atsumu straight in the eyes is when his ring is nowhere to be seen- stuck inside his shirt. For a while, he can pretend atsumu is still available and nobody can claim him as theirs. But its not the case as of now.

Atsumu used him as a pillow and he doesn’t dare to move even if the world is ending (even when they reached their destination) He glances over to look at the necklace proudly hanging around atsumu’s neck. The ring on it, kiyoomi sighs in defeat- stops his hand from throwing it.

He is dying to know who is lucky enough to have atsumu. Does he know them? And whyd atsumu never tell him? Though it would be weird to suddenly talk about it but kiyoomi is dying to know! How long would it take for atsumu to get over someone? There are too many questions.

“Are you aware that I have a crush on you?” he whispers weakly. “Then why keep running away from me?” It was shocking, really. Kiyoomi wants to run away again but atsumu takes his hand and holds it gently, warmly as he caresses his thumb on it. Kiyoomi is melting.

“Should I do that?” Atsumu pulls himself from kiyoomi’s shoulder and turns his body to him, facing him whole, eye to eye and hands holding still. “and just because I’m in love with ya too, doesn’t mean I’m going to tell ya” Atsumu confesses.

He will convince kiyoomi he is not shy or nervous if not because of the betrayal of his cheeks and sweaty hands. The longer they stare at each other, atsumu’s smile only gets widen before he pulls his hand to wipe it on his pants.

“I would kiss you right now if not because of this necklace” /and the fact you are someone’s now/ Kiyoomi tells, slowly brings his fingers to atsumu’s necklace to push the clasp to the back. He touches the ring with heavy heart until he realizes its not actually a ring.

But a letter ‘O’. Not before he can say whats on his mind, atsumu gives him a peck through his mask then leaves the bus with heart beating like crazy- he is lucky he got off without tripping on the stairs. “Miya!”

“Miya, did you steal your brother’s necklace?" “Excuse ya, this is mine and fyi, its not because I love samu so much I buy this letter, okay?” Kiyoomi’s brows furrowed and atsumu chuckles. “goodluck figure it out, Omi” he teases, hinting the letter on his name.

It takes a while for kiyoomi to actually understand everything- the way they look at each other, saved seat, same dark jokes, those actions already told him everything he needs. /stupid, im so stupid/ he chuckles, pulls atsumu by his wrist and throws his mask away.

His hand gently snaking around the setter's tiny waist and the other caresses his face, “may i? “free of charge” atsumu tells and closes his eyes but kiyoomi cant bring himself to lean in. he wants this moment to last, he wants to stare at this pretty face doing nothing.

When atsumu opens his eyes, lips formed a thin line, wondering why did kiyoomi not kissing him yet, he is greeted by a confession once again. “fck, im so in love with you. you cant even imagine, atsumu” the latter whispers and finally closes the gap. <3

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