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What if I told you that you can build a top 1% physique with only 3 exercises? Don't believe me? Here's how:

First things first: You don't need to train a different body part every day of the week. This is far too time-consuming for the average person. There is a far better alternative that will simplify your entire training program. All while delivering exceptional results.

1. Pull-ups The GOAT of all upper body exercises. Why? They train 8 muscles at once. Yes, EIGHT. Pull-ups work the: • Lats • Traps • Chest • Biceps • Triceps • Forearms • Shoulders • Abdominals

The pull-up is a simple exercise that can be configured to suit your level. Beginners can start with resistance bands under their feet to assist. Then gradually increase the resistance until you can do an unassisted pull-up. All you need is a pull-up bar (cheap to purchase).

Once you reach intermediate level, you can alternate the grips and variations. These will increase the difficulty and make you stronger. • Wide grip • Neutral grip • Narrow grip • Supinated grip (chin-up) • Archer pull-up • Chest-to-bar pull-up • High pull-ups

When these become relatively easy, you can step things up a notch. Weighted pull-ups. Use a weighted vest or attach kettlebells/plates to a belt. These will skyrocket your pulling strength. You will build a lot of mass and not only look strong, but BE strong.

Your body needs at least 48hrs to recover from a full upper-body session. I recommend doing pull-ups on alternate days. Day 1 - high volume (4min rest sets) Day 2 - intensity training (little rest) Day 3 - weighted pull-ups This will maximise your strength and endurance gains.

2. Push-Ups The pull-up's favourite cousin. Again, push-ups are a compound exercise that work multiple muscles. The best thing? You can do them anywhere, anytime, completely free of charge.

The push-up primarily targets the chest, but also works: • Biceps • Triceps • Back • Shoulders • Abdominals • Serratus Anterior To name a few. The push-up is achievable for most beginners. However, if you struggle to do one, then you can start with knees on the floor.

When regular push-ups become too easy, you can again switch up the grips and variations. Such as: • Wide grip • Pike push up • Diamond push up • Supinated push up • Clapping push up • Mike Tyson push up • Dive bomber push up You can even do slow push-ups to build mass.

Weighted push-ups are also possible using a weight vest (or backpack). If you don't have one of these, you can get a friend to put weight on your back. Push-ups can be incorporated into your upper body days with pull-ups. Have 1-2 rest days in between sessions.

Targeted core exercises can be performed using the floor and pull-up bar too. Beginners should use the floor for exercises like planks, walk-ups, mountain climbers, spiderman push-ups etc.

Once you develop a strong core, you can progress to the bar. Here you can perform hanging knee raises, toe to bars, windshield wipers, L-sits, skin the cats and hanging leg flutters. These are challenging exercises that will improve your core strength dramatically.

3. Squats You didn't think I was going to forget about leg day, did you? The squat is (you guessed it!), another compound exercise targeting multiple major body parts. It works: • Quads • Glutes • Calves • Adductor • Lower back • Hamstrings

The squat is widely considered the most effective lower-body exercise. Squats can be performed with body weight, or with weight added to a barbell. Variations include: • Bulgarian squat • Jump squat • Pistol squat • Goblet squat • Wide stance sumo squat

Bodyweight squats will allow for more functionality and high-rep workouts, increasing overall health. Adding weight (back squat) will build more muscle mass by making progressive overload much easier. Progress will also be simple to track with back squats.

To build muscle, one leg day per week is not enough. You need to be training your legs twice a week. Aim for 3 days of rest in between leg sessions. Plan your leg days in between upper body sessions for optimum results.

So there you have it. 1) Pull-ups 2) Push-ups 3) Squats Three exercises to work the ENTIRE body. Of course, it goes without saying: Your diet must be on point to see reliable results. To build muscle you need to consume sufficient protein every day.

Stop wasting countless hours doing dozens of exercises in the gym. This can get boring very quickly for the average person. Streamline your workouts and see your progress skyrocket. You will not only look stronger, but BE stronger. Let me know how you get on!

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