Chubby cat 🔞

Chubby cat 🔞



a/b/o skts | #sskuatsu atsu omega Atsumu is jealous just like Kiyoomi and one of the things that bothers him the most is letting him go when he is in his heat. That's why he's always hugging Kiyoomi's clothes and rubbing him neck to leave his scent. "Atsumu is getting late"

Omi did not hate that but he would prefer that he did not because he had to deal with the comments of the others regarding that they would like to be him Besides, he always ruined the clothes. "Tsumu"

Kiyoomi entered the laundry room. "Omi!" Atsu was red up to his ears. "What are you doing now?" "nothing nothing" Sakusa could smell Atsumu too easily, he sighed as he stepped forward. Trying to run away, the blonde fell to the ground.

Atsu had been hiding Kiyoomi's shirts, they reeked of Atsumu of course "Atsumu" That dominant and severe tone of voice shook the blond head and feet. That he just smiled nervously at his partner "Yes Omi" "I can't go outside with this"

That was Tsumu's intention, he really hated being separated from Kiyoomi in his hot season. "Better stay with me" Atsumu purred as he knelt before Kiyoomi, the blonde only wearing a white tank top, so tight that he could feel the boy's nipples.

And the pants were so short that they left nothing to the imagination. Atsumu crawled to Omi's feet smiling, The blonde knew that Kiyoomi liked to touch him when he was stressed. So the more skin he shows the happier Omi is.

"Atsumu, I don't have time" Kiyoo caressed Atsumu's cheek to calm him down. Tsumu pouted, tugging at Kiyoomi's pants a bit. "No" Sakusa picked Atsumu up placing him on top of the washing machine. "But Omi"

"I promise I'll come back early and take care of you" Omi said biting the skin on Atsumu's shoulders. "But you must be a good boy." It was almost impossible for Omi to calm down the headstrong Atsumu.

Atsu stayed on the sofa facing the door most of the day waiting for Kiyoomi. His desires were so great that he jumped into the arms of the first thing that came through the door, "OMI" "Hello Atsumu"

Komori was grinning, after all anyone would be happy with a horny omega sitting on top of their crotch, ready to have sex with you. "Oh Motoya, hi" "get out of there Atsumu"

Kiyoomi pulled the blond away from his cousin. " Omi!" Atsu in Kiyoomi's arms, rubbing his nose against Omi's neck. "I've told you not to go near other alphas." "You can blame him, you leave the poor guy alone all day" "Komori Stop" //Fin

I haven't slept at all since yesterday ?

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