𐐪 lulu 𐑂

𐐪 lulu 𐑂



What if instead of Atsumu, it was Osamu who was secretly a man whore. Atsumu is known for being loud, proud and giddy and Osamu being the more composed and quiet one. So what if... he was the one who got off by imagining his hole getting pounded by multiple different men, instead

of being the one doing the railing. Getting so turned on by the thought of having a huge cock in his mouth and his face being covered in cum. Have this blissful expression on his face as he's getting fucked cause it feels like heaven for him. Feeling so dizzy from

getting fucked raw that he's about to pass out. Idk I just like imagining Osamu losing his composure completely by something so erotic like sex. Atsumu may as well tell the world he's a whore but Osamu? He doesn't want anyone to know

it ends up getting out anyway cause Atsumu's the one being the first to fuck him and he just declares Osamu a whore and... Osamu doesn't disagree. So now Atsumu just snitches and tells anyone he meets.

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