SOCIAL MEDIA STRAYEGIES @CCCZimbabwe CAN USE AHEAD OF THE 2023 ELECTIONS 1. YOUTUBE ADS & SHORTS There are YT Ads that last for 5-8 sec and a viewer can't skip. CCC can make use of such an ad esp during musicians' album launches, comic awards,Paghetto episodes etc

Here CCC is guaranteed mass local traffic, making the message spread across the youths that frequent the site. @advocatemahere @Cde_Ostallos . Alternatively there are YT Shorts that can be done. USD$500 can make sure the ad is seen by over 50000 people. Shorts are free.

2. TWEET PROMOTION & SPONSORING INSTAGRAM POSTS This is now a common practice in businesses where they reach out to potential clients through promoting tweets of their products etc. The @nelsonchamisa led outfit can use this particularly smaller accounts like @CccNap

@YouthTaskForce_ @CCCDiaspora @REAP_zw to promote and advertise the work they are doing. This costs $2-5 and messages can be seen by over 100k people. This helps spread messages 2 even those that aren't politically conscious. IG sponsorship also has the same effect @TsunguAlice

3. CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT CCC has various depts that are seen usually at pressers reacting to events. It could be prudent of them to be more proactive and hold more live content, taking questions, suggestions and discussing with the citizens on pertinent topics @JoanaMamombe

For example the dept on Environment could have been proactive and spoke to us about Cyclone Freddy, the Health Dept about Covid and the poor health care, the Social Welfare Dept on issues to do with disability, drug abuse etc, involving citizens and getting pointers would b great

Facebook,IG lives, having designated WhatsApp #s where citizens can contact and interact with citizens maybe good. Hosting Fortnight shows like Social Welfare Tuesday, Hoza Friday for the Arts & Culture dept to know issues affecting artists and sportsmen wouldn't kill anyone.

4. EMBRACING DIVERSITY Yes we know Zimbabwe is a Christian nation, but there are also many people with different cultures and beliefs in it. Acknowledgement of other people's major religious events like Ramadan, Diwali would be an act of class that can unite a nation

After all @CCCZimbabwe is a big tent and why not commemorate such events with our Muslim, Hindu & Jewish brothers & sisters for example? This may have been a long thread but I just thought one or 2 things can be added to the current efforts to win Zimbabwe for Change

Let us not forget to #RegisterToVoteZW avoid what happened in #NigeriaDecides2023 @__vigie @TheDukeOfZim @DubekoSibanda @CliffordHlatyw1 @gladyshlatywayo @ellenshiriyeden @advocatemahere @advMasiyiwa @Cde_Ostallos

Keeping youths busy and looking forward to new progressive content is a smart way of taking their minds off side shows that will definitely come during the campaign, it also helps be more like E-rallies in case rallies are continually banned.. Tik Tok can also be an option too

The Arts and Culture Dept through these discussions can come up with artists that can be willing to offer their services for free to the struggle. Not Many people can be free to show their faces etc but might want to share ideas via a platform like WhatsApp, the party must be

Easily accessible and hear the grievances of its constituency @PMutandiro @drDendere @patiencetafadz5 . @jahprayzah is launching his album in May let's have our YouTube ads ready we missed the trick when @winkydonline launched his, time is not on our side let's make it work

@_MakdShelby @MakomboreroH Another area we need to really look at is how we address "neutrals" yes most are wolves in sheep clothing but in every election even funny as it may seem there are genuine neutrals the 45k that voted for Khupe etal, many undecided voters

So we need not 2 brush every1 with one brush, let us be all embracing and polite in these streets. There are also other unorthodox ways of using social media I am in discussion with other stakeholders looking forward to executing them let us all #RegisterToVoteZW May God Help Us

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