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avocado πŸ₯‘|| semi-ia🌟



@miyacestober #osaatsu #miyacest day 25: scent beta osamu's nose has been sensitive to only one pheromone- his omega twin's. maybe that's why he gets the inexplicable urge to bend atsumu over the nearest surface and slurp up his pussy like it's pasta.

imagine a field of gardenias with the distant tinge of honey dancing in the air, as bees hum and buzz across the sky. that's what atsumu smells like. which is strange because osamu shouldn't be able to know that.

all his life, the pheromones were alienated and muted, a concept he couldn't grab thanks to his tenuous beta nose. until atsumu presented, and his nose was filled with the redolent scent of his brother's mating call.

he never told anyone though. he knew those weirdass scientists would take away atsumu and him, experiment on them to their heart's content. well, that meant atsumu didn't know either. so he never bothered to hide his beckoning scent and osamu suffered.

as atsumu fingered his little cunt on the top bunk, biting into a pillow so osamu won't hear his little moans and sighs of pleasure, osamu stroked his own cock in a fit of ardor. the smell of omegan slick taunted at osamu's nose- a grim reminder that he would never be an alpha

and an omega would never be his- he was destined to marry some plain beta girl and start a family of sardonically plain beta children. but it was hard for a man to not dream when what he could have was right in front of his eyes.

college time came, and the miya twins share a dorm, which was of course, only allowed because osamu was a beta and not an alpha. it seemed the world would even validate incest as long as it's between an omega and an alpha.

(he wonders if atsumu would have already been on his knees if osamu was one.)

one fine night, after a day of heavy classes, he came home to find atsumu sprawled on /his/ bed, legs open wide like a whore's, hands cleverly plucking at his engorged nipples and a vibrator buzzing fantastically in his cunt. osamu's heart fell. the image was burned in his

retinas. "i-i will g-go.", he stuttered out, intending to rub one out in suna's bathroom, but atsumu whined in protest. "stay", a breathless request.

who was osamu to deny?

he power-walked to the bed, where atsumu greeted him through seductive eyes clouded with the haze of his arousal and an open mouth panting vicariously. speechless, he removed the buzzing vibrator. atsumu whimpered at the emptiness.

"i will now eat you out, okay?", the first words that weren't a sign of boderline panic attack from osamu. atsumu smirked, pleased. osamu had half a mind to fuck off just because of the damn blithely taunt but he didnt. opportunities like this come in a blue moon.

he adjusted himseld accordingly on his bed and lowered his face to lick a long stripe. they both moaned- atsumu at the surefire pleasure and osamu at the heavenly taste of an omega at its prime. the dry ass cunt of a beta girl can never beat this.

with a ravenous appetite, osamu started licking and spitting on atsumu's labia, keeping his large hands on his thighs to stabalize their position, sometimes sqeezing to feel the muscles work.

osamu sucked at his clit experimentally and atsumu whined in such desperation that osamu broke away from his meal to check atsumu's face. the omega had tilted his head to meet osamu's eyes, face red and tongue rolling out. "don't you dare stop!", he croaked out.

osamu chucked and went back to work, alternating between nibbling lightly on the labias and stimulating the clit. a messy puddle of slick and saliva pooled down beneath atsumu's vulva but osamu paid no heed.

he was too caught up with heavily panting and taking in atsumu's abundant smell which was so flowery osamu felt he might suffocate, only if this ambrosia was the one leading to his death, he'd gladly embrace it.

"samu, 'm close", atsumu warned. "come, sumu, come", osamu sounded more wrecked than atsumu, doubling his efforts, using one hand to rub roughly at his clit and his tounge basically fucking the cunt.

with a well aimed thurst, atsumu came in a silent scream, eyes rolling back. osamu didn't stop, slurping up his brother's juices greedily. only when atsumu requested to stop, he did. the blonde sat up, slick sticking to his thighs. "come, i will help ya come too."

but there was no need for that. osamu had already came in his pants while eating out atsumu's pussy. atsumu raised a thick eyebrow up, impressed. "we should totally do this again."

for once in his life, things made sense for osamu.

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