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MrBeast has 200M+ subscribers and will be the world's first Billionaire YouTuber. Across his 18 channels, he controls a billion eyeballs each quarter. But how he is going to turn views into a billion dollar empire? Let me tell you...

I understand this playbook because at 25, I built a music network that reached 500M ppl/mo. We used those 500M eyeballs to launch companies to sell ringtones, music streaming, mobile ads & more. Those businesses generated over $100M PROFIT. MrBeast has massive distribution...

Across his 6 main channels, he has a whopping 185 Million+ subscribers • MrBeast: 105 million • Beast Reacts: 19.5 million • MrBeast Shorts: 14.6 million • Beast Philanthropy: 10.2 million • MrBeast Gaming: 29 million • MrBeast 2: 7.41 million

Jimmy is hitting the popularity ceiling in the 1.5B strong English speaking world, So he translated his videos to access the other 2.5B people on the internet. 1) Hindi 2) Spanish 3) Portuguese 4) Russian Currently the MrBeast en Espanol channel alone has 21.8M subs!

To understand how he will turn views into money, let's first understand something fundamental about building a business.

How large businesses are built: Step 1 - Make a good product Step 2 - Build distribution for the product Step 3 - Once you have great distribution, add new products to the mix

For instance, as McDonald's you first figure out how to make great hamburgers Then you open a thousand stores to sell hamburgers Then you add more products to optimize that distribution channel of thousand stores.

Build one good product and use the distribution of that product to launch other products. Simple?

The MrBeast equivalent of this process is: 1. Grow ONE main channel that people love and want to watch. 2. Use the main channel to grow a dozen other subsidiary channels. 3. Find products to sell through these channels. Jimmy has done all of this..

Phase 1 - Grow One Main Channel Till 2020, he focused on growing his main channel to 40M subs

Jimmy figured out how to go viral on Youtube. Irresistible thumbnails, grabbing the attention in the first 20 seconds, crafting the story to keep the viewer hooked and ending with a blast. Each MrBeast video gets more than 25M views.

MrBeast's Main Channel is the fastest growing Youtube Channel and recently crossed 100M subs.

Phase 2 - Grow other channels piggybacking off of the main channel Here comes - Beast Gaming, Beast Philanthropy, Beast Reacts etc.

The Main Channel and All subsidiary Channels Pull over 300M views a month! Over a BILLION views every 3 months. This is more attention than any single person has ever commanded in history.

I think MrBeast's Brand is already the world's most potent distribution channel. Because he's built very high trust with his audience.

Here are some things MrBeast does in his videos • Giving $100,000 to a Homeless Person - Ordering Pizza and tipping the House • Tipping Uber Drivers $10,000 • Ordering Water Then Tipping $30,000 • Tipping Pizza Delivery Guys $10,000 It's hard not to like the guy.

People trust him because he is incredibly charitable and gives away almost all of what he makes. Even if it's for views, it counts.

Using his clout he's also raised $50M for the environment 1) Team Trees - planted 20M trees 2) Team Seas - removed 30M pounds of plastic from the ocean In fact, I first learned about MrBeast in 2019 when my daughter came to me with $10, and asked to donate it to Team Trees.

But now comes the fun part. Phase 3 - Sell products through the content distribution you've built. Here comes Beast Burger and Feastables' chocolates.

He launched Beast Burger in 2020 in 300 virtual locations across America. No physical shops, only takeout and order via app. To give you an idea of scale, it took McDonalds 6 years to open 300 franchises.

He released a video on launch day titled - "I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It." He was literally tossing stacks of cash along with a free burger.

Obviously, thousands of cars showed up for this one-day-stunt, reaching over 20 miles at one point. In fact, so many people showed up for burgers and bucks that the police had to clear neighbouring roads. He tweeted about the launch and it went nuts.

Then he launched the first physical Beast Burger restaurant and tweeted that on launch day, he'll be present in person giving out burgers by hand.

It was like a Coldplay concert. Broke all records. 10,000 people showed up!

He launched Feastables, his chocolate bar brand, and gamified the entire launch experience.

Each Feastables chocolate bar comes with a code that may lead to a prize. One of the prizes up for grabs was one of ten spots in a MrBeast video, where you would compete for a real Chocolate Factory.

Then he literally created Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and gave it away as a prize in a video. At the end of the video he announced his chocolate brand. The video got 104M views.

Their website crashed within minutes. To run the business, he's hired the former CEO of RXBAR who sold his company for $600M to Kellogg. Together they're building the worlds biggest chocolate brand.

In the next 10 years we are going to see more and more CEOs partner with A-List creators and build billion-dollar businesses. Creator led businesses have extremely high trust and instant distribution. If you control distribution, you can build massive businesses on top of it.

This took me 2 hours to write and a decade to understand the power of distribution. Retweet the first tweet of the thread linked below

If you liked this, you may like the story of my 2nd business, ToneFuse. We built a music distribution network that reached 500M people. That 500m network was the launchpad for 2 additional companies:

MobileFuse - today processes about 100 BILLION mobile ad requests/mo for major brands in every category. ToneMedia - became biggest music property for brand ads before I sold it. I started ToneFuse when I was 25, here's the story

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