Agba John Doe

Agba John Doe



Your sister, together with your family, have enabled a lazy & ungrateful man. And how your sister got herself into the mess she's in, needs to be studied. I'll speak generally to everyone reading, because if you want me to advise your sister to divorce her husband, you won't

get that directly from me. But I'll tell you the possible consequences of what your sister will see in her marriage. Then, she can decide for herself, what to do. Your family also set the man up for failure, even if he's a lazy man. They should've left your sister and him to

live where they were because truth be told, buying him a car which he will be using as Uber, will not be able to foot the rent of 700k yearly for the the 3bed apartment. Especially since he's a lazy man. That's one. Two, despite asking him to remit 30k monthly from the car of

1.6m, he's still unable. I'm aware that Uber drivers remit about 20-25k per week. And those on hire purchase (like the case of your sister's husband), remit 30k weekly. A lazy and entitled man can never meet up with such. He knows that your family cannot retrieve the car from

him because he's married to their daughter. Three, you also mentioned that your sister now runs a business that is rapidly growing. I'll tell something... You see that your sister's business? That's where they'll pay their next house rent from when the rent is due.

And that's where they will be feeding from as well. So your sister's business will never grow because he will be entitled to her money. The fourth one is that the man, knowing he cannot do without your sister, will continue to manipulate her & she will continue to run to your

family for assistance, each time. If you people do not assist her, she will think of you people as wicked. She will say you people want to destroy her marriage and make her child grow without a father. Unfortunately for your sister, only she can get herself out of the mess

of marriage she is in. That man will continue to manipulate her & will continue to be lazy. And your sister will be growing older than her age because he will squeeze the life out of her. She's in "love". Tell her that woman don't love men. And that if continues to enable

her husband, she will get to a point where she will do something drastic to him. Or he will do something drastic to her. Such Men are losers & weak. They hide under the cover of having a wife. They know they have won a "jackpot". So letting go will not be without dire

consequences. I don't want to go into the other dirty details you mentioned. That's your sister and her husband's business. She knows how she's coping with such man with an unhealthy hygiene. Anyday she decides to open her eyes, it will be her morning. End.

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