// dubcon, this is not what a prostate exam is like but this is porn we don't need logic. you can think of this as pre-discussed roleplay! "just lay down here, please." sxn shuffled over to the low table, blushing all over his face. he knew prostate exams were intimate, +

of course, but why did he have to be naked? and why did he have to be bent over the table like— "i'm turning back around," doctor kxng announced. "please don't worry, just relax. i do this very often, it's a completely normal procedure."

sxn nodded into the table, eyes squeezed shut. it was cold against his skin, and the air was cold too, hitting his most private parts because his legs were spread so wide. "i'm going to be inserting a finger now," doctor kxng said. sxn really appreciated the fact that doctor +

kxng was being so gentle and patient with him, always letting him know what was going on in his deep, soothing voice. it helped that the doctor was so handsome, too. doctor kxng's gloved hand gripped his knee lightly, and then there was something at his—in his—behind!

doctor kxng patted his thigh. "no need to be nervous, this is a routine procedure." sxn stayed still, his fingers gripping the edge of the desk as doctor kxng's finger went in deeper and deeper, wiggling around until it hit—something— sxn let out a high noise, tipping his +

head against the table. then he froze. was that—had that been a moan? doctor kxng's finger kept moving as he spoke this time. "it's perfectly fine to get aroused, don't worry about it." what? heart pounding, sxn looked down. and then immediately flushed with shame.

his cock was stiff between his legs, red and hard. there was even wetness beading at the tip, getting worse by each nudge of doctor kxng's finger at his prostate. "i—i'm sorry," sxn stuttered. he'd known you could get aroused by this, but—still, how shameful. what would +

people say if they knew? "there's no need to be sorry," doctor kxng said. for some reason just the sound of his low voice sent a flash of heat through sxn's body. then he began…rubbing his finger. in little circles. over sxn's… oh, god.

he didn't know this could feel so good—all he'd ever done was hesitantly fingering himself, and that had never felt like this। sxn kept letting out embarrassing, open-mouthed gasps with the pressure of doctor kxng's finger. he could feel himself beginning to drip more, awfully.

and when doctor kxng pulled away, sxn couldn't help but let out a bereft cry. the pleasure had been building and building and then—nothing. doctor kxng paused. "hmm. there is one more test i have to do, sxn-ssi. please stay there." sxn had searched it up, and this was all +

that happened in prostate exams. what other test? still, he trusted doctor kxng, so he stayed bent over the table, knees still shaky. doctor kxng came back and draped a sheet over sxn's hips, effectively blocking his view of his own lower body. "i'm going to be inserting +

something larger this time," he said. "if there's any discomfort, please let me know." sxn nodded, he didn't resist as doctor kxng grabbed his legs and spread them a little wider, blushing at how exposed he was. he couldn't see anything, but doctor kxng could see everything.

doctor kxng's hands gripped his hips under the sheets, the only warning sxn got before something big was pushed into him. something really, really big. he let out a yelp, mouth going open at the strech of his muscles down there. it was so, so big, and it just kept going, +

entering him until he felt more full than he ever had his entire life. sxn let out a helpless moan, eyes fluttering, and then withered in shame at how obscene the noise had been. he was in a doctor's office, for god's sake! but then it nudged his prostate, and sxn couldn't +

keep in another embarrassing, high-pitched noise. "w-what is that?" "a tool i use for procedures such as these," doctor kxng said, voice smooth. "i'm going to have to move it in and out, please relax." sxn had no idea what was going on, but the doctor said to relax, so he did.

it began moving like the doctor had said, nearly all the way out and then shoving back into his prostate, making sxn jolt every time. it was smooth against his inside as it built up to a steady rhythm, fast and hard. it was even better than the finger, better than anything, +

taking sxn to levels he hadn't ever imagined. "oh—oh, doctor kxng, i'm going to—ah!" sxn's knees gave out. thankfully, the doctor still had his hands around sxn's hips, keeping him up while his legs shook from the force of it. "d-doctor kxng—hah—"

doctor kxng's fingers tightened. "it's alright, sxn-ssi. let go." no, no, no—he couldn't, not right here in the doctor's clinic. he—he couldn't— but then whatever tool the doctor was using pressed in deep, and sxn couldn't hold it in anymore.

pleasure ran through him, all-encompassing and bone-deep, sxn's entire body shaking at the unending sensation. he couldn't control himself, eyes rolling back and mouth wide open. doctor kxng slowed down a little, hands tight on sxn's back. "did you orgasm, sxn-ssi?"

sxn blushed bright red. he'd just—he'd just come in the clinic from a prostate exam, naked and bent overa table. the humiliation burned through him despite the doctor's next words. "it's perfectly fine, don't be embarrassed. please hold on a little longer." "m-more?"

doctor kxng started up again, and this time it was even worse, his whole body tingling with sensitivity. the doctor wasn't being gentle, either, every thrust making sxn's grip fail, nearly falling to the ground if it hadn't been for the doctor holding him up.

he was tearing up by the time the doctor stilled. he stayed there, face wet until the doctor eased his tool out. "stay there, please." so sxn remained bent over the table while the doctor went and came back. he finally removed the sheet, letting cold air brush over sxn's skin.

"the exam is over, sxn-ssi. you can get up now." as soon as sxn tried to stand, he stumbled, saved by doctor kxng gripping his waist firmly. he looked down at the handsome doctor, feeling himself flush again. "doctor kxng, i'm so, so sorry—"

doctor kxng patted sxn's waist. "it's perfectly normal, don't worry about it.and it looks like you enjoyed that a lot." sxn followed his gaze down, heart sinking. his cock was half-hard again, dangling between his legs. below that was the puddle of cum from his first orgasm.

"oh my god." doctor kxng chuckled. "it's fine. why don't you get dressed?" he looked away while sxn awkwardly shuffled back into his clothes. there wasn't an obvious tent in his pants, so it was okay. "alright, sxn-ssi, i've concluded the exam for today. please come +

back next month for your next one." sxn furrowed his eyebrows. "do i have to come that frequently? i didn't think prostate exams happened so often." doctor kxng smiled genially. "it varies from person to person, sxn-ssi." well…if the doctor was saying so. sxn shrugged.

"okay, then. thank you, doctor-nim." he saw doctor kxng nod before he rushed out, eager to escape the scene of his shame. god, he couldn't believe he'd orgasmed so hard from just a prostate exam. was this going to happen next month too?

there might be...a part two...involving yvngiwxx...coming soon kgdghjss anyways i hope this was good!

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