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I hit rock bottom 1 day before getting my job A few days ago, I talked about how a Remote Job changed my life Here's how, There are a few pre-requisites to applying for & landing a job - Build in public - Fuck around & find out - Bear market? No Jobs? Upskill ?

- Improve your communication skills ergo your confidence - Network with the right people - Work on your writing skills - Study those who are succeeding, try to understand what they are doing right - Study job roles on LinkedIn and other platforms - Apply for jobs like a madman

1. Build in public Showcase what you are learning. Lose your insecurity. Share every little win online, even if you write 5 lines of code talk about it The best platform to do so is Twitter and LinkedIn You gotta put yourself out there to be seen

2. Fuck around and Find out No one knows anything about anything. Everyone is just experimenting and learning along the way The sooner you understand this the better

3. Can't find a job? Upskill If you can't land a job there is a high chance you are lacking the right skills with industry standards Learn in-demand skills & keep a return-on-investment mindset. Learn the skills that will benefit you the most in the least amount of time.

4. Improve communication skills Practice communication through chats, comments, Twitter spaces, discord sessions Many feel anxiety & jitters during interviews they mess up cus they are so nervous! Get confident by practicing communication in places where u have nothing to lose

5. Network Connect with people who are doing well in your niche. Learn from them. If you talk to someone, give them a follow-on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn immediately after your conversation This way they will remember you can connect with you too.

6. Learn Writing Learn how to write concisely. convey more with less words It's a skill that will never backfire and always benefit. Irrespective of which career background you come from.

7. Study Job roles This was one of the best pieces of advice I had received Keep reading Job roles. Find the most in-demand skills based on your research and then upskill accordingly.

8. Apply like a Madman Apply on - LinkedIn (buy LinkedIn premium 1st month is free) - AngelList If you are cold DMing personalize the message, don't use a generic template

Study the company's product and see how you can solve a problem for them. In your cold DM express how your skills can solve their problem

That's it from my end folks! I hope this helps you the way it helped me! The key to this process is CONSISTENCY Even if you feel like you aren't getting anywhere, don't stop keep working towards the same goal It all comes together in the end ??

If you have any more insights that will help others, please share them in the comments! Much appreciated❤️

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