How to close $3,000+/month clients from Twitter without spending a single cent in ads Plus how to get them to DM you and close them on a call:

If you want to charge high prices you need a high ROI skill. I'm assuming you already know or are willing to learn one: - Copywriting - Email marketing - Paid ads - SEO - Ghostwriting - Funnel creation - Media production - Lead gen - High ticket sales

First we'll prime your bio. A good bio should let people know exactly what you do and capture the follow quick. You do this by answering these 3 questions: 1. What have you achieved? 2. How can you help people? 3. What are you building?

For 1-2 months we'll focus on 1. Writing threads that prove your skill 2. Engaging with people who have the audience you want to have Do this a lot. Engage with 20-30 people a day. Write 2-3 threads a week. Eventually people will start paying attention.

Some thread ideas from my notes:

When you have a couple thousand followers, you post your offer. This is where I see most people fail. They offer "web design" or "ghostwriting" when nobody in the world wants that. But they all want more money.

Bad offer: I'll ghostwrite for you Good offer: I'll ghostwrite for you and only get paid $1 per email subscriber I get you. So if you make more than $1/subscriber it's a no brainer

Bad offer: I'll make you a VSL Good offer: I'll make you a VSL free of charge and you commit to testing it ONLY if you like it. My price is X but you only pay me until it has made you more money.

Make your offer look like a magic box. Like they put $1 in the magic box and it puts out $10. That's the whole secret. And because you already have proof from your content they're already primed to buy.

Now you have Proof A good offer People on your DMs The only thing left is getting them on a call and closing a prospect that's pretty much sold.

This is a rundown of our space with @lawrencekingyo the other day on how to close a sales call (I share more in-depth content like this with my newsletter every week. Join here:

@lawrencekingyo That's it. Not easy, but simple. The magic starts when you stop chasing clients and they come to you. And good news: It's my 2 year Twitter anniversary and I'll give you the chance to do just that.

@lawrencekingyo I never run sales. But my course, Bow & Arrow, will be at a 50% discount this weekend. This is how I grow at 200+ followers a day and close $3k+ clients on Twitter. I don't chase them. They come to me So if you think this thread makes it easy, wait until you see what's inside.

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