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yingles tingles wingles pringles jingles DINGLES



3 times kiyoomi gives in, and 1 time atsumu does. #1 — “omi-omi!” “no. absolutely not.” kiyoomi folds his arms, planting his feet firmly into the ground. atsumu’s mouth drops open in mock offense. “i haven’t even asked yet!”

“you don’t need to. it’s probably gonna be /stupid/.” kiyoomi’s eyes narrow at atsumu’s slowly growing grin. goddamn it. “just a few more times! our first match is tomorrow, and we can’t lose because i’m not used to setting to you!” “miya.” kiyoomi sighs. “it’s 11pm.”

“please?” atsumu’s giving kiyoomi the absolute worst puppy eyes he’s ever seen, bottom lip quivering where it’s pouted, but- “fine. just a few.” if his chest clenches slightly at atsumu’s bright smile afterwards, well, that’s for him to know.

#2 — “let me room with you! please!” this is a very, very bad idea. kiyoomi struggles to keep his voice level as he replies. “why?” “akaashi’s visiting for this match and i cannot, i CANNOT room with bokuto. akaashi’s going to come over, and they’re going to be gross -

and cuddly, and they’re going to do,” atsumu lowers his voice to a whisper and leans closer to kiyoomi’s ear, blissfully unaware of how red it is at the proximity. “they’re going to do unspeakable things! please, omi!” this shouldn’t be an issue. kiyoomi’s not going to turn -

a desperate and suffering teammate away from his room door, but, is atsumu not aware that there is only one bed in here? “please…” atsumu looks ready to get on his knees. kiyoomi sighs. “fine.” atsumu lights up immediately. “thank you, god omi! i owe you one!”

kiyoomi is getting absolutely no sleep tonight, and they have an important match tomorrow. but when atsumu’s eyes crinkle a certain way as he unpacks his muscle relaxer foam roller, he decides that’s his problem to deal with now.

#3 — when atsumu breaks, it’s slow and steady. missed set after missed serve, sheepish apology after apology. “off day?” kiyoomi asks carefully in the locker room after meian pinned him to comfort atsumu. “mm.” atsumu doesn’t look up from where he sat on the bench.

when atsumu doesn’t elaborate, or react at even, kiyoomi sighs. “did something happen?” he sits beside atsumu carefully, a safe distance away. “fought with ‘samu.” he mumbles. kiyoomi lets out a little “ah” in realisation. “it’s stupid. forget it.”

kiyoomi’s never been the best with emotion. he doesn’t know what he should say, what he should do. emotions aren’t particularly logical, and atsumu is already the least logical person he knows. he shouldn’t be here. they sit in silence for a while. atsumu seems lost in thought.

when the sky begins to turn dark, kiyoomi gives atsumu an awkward pat on the shoulder. “we should go home.” kiyoomi tries to stand up, but atsumu grabs the hem of his shirt.

“can you,” he pauses, seemingly questioning his own intentions. “walk me home? i don’t want to be alone.” kiyoomi startles. god, it’s already awkward as it is, and meian really should’ve asked hinata instead. he’s basically helpless against atsumu’s conflict, and he-

he’s basically helpless against atsumu. “yeah. let’s go.” kiyoomi ends up spending the entire walk to atsumu’s place overthinking. at some point he even begins practising what he should say when they reach atsumu’s door. he’s basically hyper aware of atsumu’s every move, -

but the setter seems keen on walking in silence. when they reach atsumu’s doorstep, all the words kiyoomi rehearsed leaves him. shit. “what would sakusa kiyoomi say about this?” atsumu opens his mouth first, and kiyoomi’s grateful for it. at atsumu’s words, kiyoomi goes -

into shocked silence. what does that mean? what- oh. atsumu wants his logical answer. “you should talk to osamu-san, and apologise if it’s your fault. try to make things right.” atsumu hums, smiling for the first time that day. “that’s what i was waiting for you to say.”

atsumu thanks him and goes into his apartment. kiyoomi leaves warmer than when he arrived.

— #1 sakusa kiyoomi is indisputably adorable. atsumu is willing to die by kiyoomi’s hands on this hill. he is absolutely endearing. “please…” kiyoomi scratches the back of his neck, entire face red. “go to the aquarium -

with me.” atsumu doesn’t particularly like fish. fish are tasty, and a great source of protein and omega-3 fats. but fish are just… fish. he doesn’t ACTUALLY want to go to the aquarium. but it’s clear kiyoomi’s asking him on a date. and oh, he’s just so cute. are his -

fingertips turning red too? he’s going to eat his spiker alive. and oh, if he isn’t weak against this man and his stupid eyebrow moles. “it’s a date!” he replies cheerfully, just to see kiyoomi explode a little bit more. it works.

well, this means he’ll get to choose where their next date will be. win-win. ( he stared at kiyoomi the entire time. turns out, kiyoomi’s passion for fish is adorable like the rest of him. )

// end! time 2 sleep it is 12:42am

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