Pedro L. Gonzalez

Pedro L. Gonzalez



Despite not having a previous criminal history, James Fields got 2 life sentences without the possibility of parole plus an additional 419 years for killing 1 person at Charlottesville. On the other hand, even before Darrell Brooks killed six in Waukesha... 1/

...he got out on $500 bail after shooting his nephew in July 2020 over an old cell phone, then got out *again* this Nov. because his bail had been set "inappropriately low" at $1,000 after he tried to kill a woman with a car. Brooks had an outstanding sex offender case, too 2/

But despite all this, a prosecutor still felt the need to explain and justify why Brooks' bail was set so high after he killed six and injured nearly 50 people. Like Brooks is part of a sacred protected class and we have to spell out why his bail was set so high 3/

The people who oversee this system are criminals. They are worse than Darrell Brooks because they pretend to be objective administrators of law but they are in fact partisans and parasites 4/

Fields, moreover, actually had a case that Charlottesville was an accident. I don't care what you think of Fields or his politics--Brooks has spent his entire life intentionally hurting people and yet got one chance after another until he finally murdered six in Waukesha 5/

You cannot look at these two cases and conclude that the system is impartial. Like I've said before, Fields-Charlottesville is useful because it could be mythologized as racist 9/11, a pretext for more regime power and a reminder of why the statues have to keep coming down 6/

The FBI and DOJ use basically "Charlottesville reasoning" to crackdown on parents at school board meetings: it's going to happen again unless we crackdown on these racist/radical parents! 7/

But this is increasingly something that only scares Republican politicians and conservative intellectuals. More and more, normal people don't give a shit because they see the evil and hypocrisy of the system in law, in education, and simply choose to fight 8/

Waukesha has to be opening normal people's eyes, and it could do more of that but GOP eunuchs are too afraid of the issue and want to talk about bail reform although they have literally pushed bail reform themselves and we came close to it with the Second Step Act 9/

Also I'm going to dive into this further for an article because it deserves a longer take

Also, because Fields lacked a criminal record, prosecutors focused on "drawing from his social media accounts" to prove a political-racial motive. But according to everyone from Ron Johnson to CNN, Brooks' pro-BLM/Black Panter/Hebrew Israelites/anti-white posts are off limits 10/

Fields' car is surrounded and struck by violent agitators, he hits the accelerator, one person dies = literal terrorism, just look at his social media! Brooks, a black nationalist who calls for violence and against whites, intentionally kills six = hey whoa don't politicize this

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