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Mushtaq Bilal, PhD



Jenni is an AI-powered app that will revolutionize your academic writing — think of it as ChatGPT x 10. But most academics don't know about it. Here's what Jenni is capable of (and how to use it):

Go to jenni(dot)ai and sign up for an account.

Jenni will open a text editor for you. Type in the title of your project. As you type, Jenni will give you suggestions about how good your title is — in real time.

Jenni will then suggest you a sentence to start. You can use this sentence or write your own. With *every word* you type, it'll give you new suggestions to complete your sentence. In my case it suggested "in the 19th century by Bengali translators," which is correct.

Once you have written a sentence, Jenni will suggest a new sentence based on the previous one. You just have to press the right arrow key to accept the suggested sentence. Or, you can write your own sentence. Very helpful for folks who feel intimidated by the blank page.

You can also add citations. To do so, click on the "Cite" button at the bottom, and Jenni will give you a few sources to cite. Select a source and it will add both the in-text citation and the reference entry — instantly.

If you don't want Jenni's suggestions, you can add your own citations. Just click on "Add a custom citation" and fill in the details.

If you are unsure of your argument, you can ask Jenni for a counterargument. Select your argument and click on "Ask Jenni." It will give you several suggestions. You can use them to make your work more complex and nuanced. E.g. some scholars argue X, but others have argued Y.

You can also use Jenni to help you with reading dense academic prose. Just paste the paragraph you want to understand and ask Jenni to paraphrase it. Read the paraphrase, then read the original

You can use Jenni not only for academic writing but also for writing notes, emails, and blogs. To do so, go to "Content Settings" in the top-right corner and change the settings.

You can also change the tone of your writing and make it more friendly or professional. Go to "Content Tone" and click on the tone you want to choose.

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